Bebo Surface Again With A Messenger App For Android

Bebo acronym for ‘Blog Early, Blog Often’ silently launched their messenger app for the devices running on android. So what makes this one to stand out in the crowd ? Read more about it here.

Bebo android app review

  • After installing it most of us know it will show introduction by asking us to slide the images but here they have managed to add a video introduction by tapping on the “See how it works” button


  • As always you need to create an account for using it and valid e-mail address in case if you forget password
starting account

Account creation

  • Choose an avatar, yep that’s right no real photos just avatars for you which can be customized per your need like the one we did below while creating an account and you can also download or share it with other major social network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Now comes unique feature called picture #hashtag, so what exactly is this ?

Customize your avatar


Share it in other network



Chatting with the team


Trying some tags

Status Auto Updates From Egomotion for auto updates as you moves

Simply its just an image that matches your word in after the hash symbol, but you can also send music,location, play games and much more. Here are some for you

tag two

Tags available

  • #music
  • #location
  • #photo


  • #flappyhead
  • #tictactoe

Send your drawing by opening in-built canvas

  • #draw

Drawing canvas available

  • So can you get a picture for each hash-tagged word ? They say yes and we head there and typed #bot sadly it returned nothing but got a message telling that like the one shown below


You can add,invite your friends by tapping on the plus button on top left corner as shown below


Tap to add friends

  • Set your status from big list of tags that comes with the package and here is preview image of it

Status hashtag

  • Settings are way too simple a single click will turn off the group vibrate and others features as shown in the picture below
single tap mode

Single tap setting

Resource usage

  • RAM consumption was about 72MB


  • We tried to send a picture from the gallery and here is what the app showed, only file manager and movies gallery

We were wondering why it’s like this

Other info

  • Version : 1.0.1
  • Apk size : 14.2MB
  • Requires : 4.0.3 and above

Final verdict

Bebo android messenger app seems to find a new way to tell with picture hash-tags, get it from the link below

Downloadit free from Google play store.

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