Best Free VPN for US and Canada | Windows 10 PC And Laptop

A Virtual Private Network is often called with the name VPN is an encrypted private network which lets you to connect through different public network or unauthorized websites in your country. VPN is generally established using point-to-point encryption scheme by the use of dedicated connections, tunneling protocols or through traffic encryption. Most of the VPN

File Expert – File Manager V8 Best File Manager And Explorer For Android

We all like to keep our images, videos, audios, APKs, documents, other files etc organized on our phone or tablet. Every phone has a manager of its own which helps you keep all your stuff in an organized manner. Some of these inbuilt managers are pretty cool and are full of excellent features. But there

TripTalk Android App Review | Make Each Trip Memorable

Are you a travel freak? Even if you are not a serial traveler, I bet you love journeys. Have you ever thought of recollecting even the subtle moments you spent with your best buddies during the trips with the perfect feel? Sometimes, memorizing the past events won’t give the pleasure of seeing it in front

Hong Kong Style Mahjong A Free Android Game For Mahjong Lovers

Mahjong is a game of skill which is popularly played in Western countries. It is much similar to the card games like rummy. OK, Here is another Android game which just amazes you and is a bit similar to the Mahjong. Hong Kong Style Mahjong is new one in the android game market and got

Best Free And Fast VPN For Android To Access Any Blocked Content

Virtual Private Network, which is commonly known as VPN, is an immensely useful tool for your android in today’s world when cyber crimes are increasing rapidly and exploiting your internet privacy. Not only does it safeguard your online data, but also lets you share data across public networks by extending a private network to them.

Social Me MyThemeShop WordPress Theme At 50% Off

Thinking of starting a WordPress blog in a social media style to drive more engagement for your content? Then you are at the right place as devs at MyThemeShop have now come up with a new social WordPress theme called socialMe. socialMe WordPress theme features and review Here is a quick video showing some major

DunkNDash A Free Addictive Game For Android

Android is one if the best choice for the game lovers. Thousands of games uploaded onto the Official Play Store every day, and some of them are worth to play. Here is a one of such kind, DunkNDash. It is the one which challenges you timely. Below is the complete description of the it and all

U.S. Tuition Calculator Android App For US Students

Mobile applications bring you a wide range of options and desired information into your hands.US tuition calculator is one of the new financial based comers into the Android world. It is known from its home page that the app is developed by the senior team of financial experts and to serve about the student loan

Best Free Anti Ad Block Plugins For WordPress

Nobody likes to see those irritating pop ups and advertisements whenever they visit a website and that is the reason why most of the people are using ad-blockers on their browsers these days. As the name suggests, an ad-blocker blocks all the advertisements that you don’t wish to see on a site. According to a

Rentork Android App Helps You To Earn Real Money With Your Mobile Data

The usage of the internet has been doubled when compared to the past. No one is going to make life bore without the internet. To be frank, internet became a part of our daily life. The kind of usage is secondary as it completely depends on upon your requirements. We all know that it is

5 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins to Load Your Site Faster

Have you ever been enthralled by the loading time of popular blogs? Do you think you can’t apply their technique to load your blog faster? Then, you must continue reading this post to uncover the easiest way to decrease the loading time of your WordPress website. Are you ready to discover the best way to

How To Use Shareit On PC And Laptop Running Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Most of us use Shareit to transfer big files from one android to another device having this app installed in their device. But most of us are not aware that same app can be used to transfer files from your mobile device to your PC running Windows 10/8.1/8/7/xp. The only thing that you need to

Best Free Download Manager For Windows 10/8.1 Laptop And PC

In today’s world of internet, we all load stuffs over the internet whether it’s music, movies, official files or anything as it is really convenient. Every browser like Chrome, Firefox etc has its own inbuilt default manager for getting the files by which you can manage your files. But these managers have limited features like

Best And Top 5 Free VPN For Windows 10 Laptop To Access Blocked Website

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted private network that can be accessed across the public network. These services provide you methods to connect to websites that are blocked in your country. A virtual private network is created by establishing point to point connection virtually by use of virtual tunneling protocols, dedicated connections, or

TrapWorld An Addictive, Fun And Free Game For Android

We all are the tech addicts who always love to play the games on our smartphones. We are just interested in them for a few days or maybe a few hours, right and again search for a new one to kill time. There are thousands of android games out in the market, but only a

Free Unlimited Calls To US, Canada And Mexico With Voico Android App

Thinking of making free calls to US, Canada and Mexico then Voico is for you. It is a service that provides call and message service, worldwide. There is much more to discuss about it and we will discuss it later in the post. Voico is currently available for Android, iOS. And according to the official

Best And Top 10 Corporate WordPress Themes | New List 2024

One of the most important aspect of entrepreneurship is to know how to expand your business by attracting more people towards your product. Internet is probably the best medium to reach a large number of people. Now the question is how will you do that? Create a website? Maybe. But why not just have a

WPUP.CO| Worry Free Management and Support for WordPress Sites

Do you have a habit of taking regular backups? I know it’s a tedious task to take backups on a regular basis. Truth be told, we don’t know when something wrong happens to our site. So, it may go all wrong if you forget to back your site up even a single time. Being a

Best Data Recovery Software For MAC OS And Macbook Air, Pro In 2024

In computing, data recovery is a process of salvaging inaccessible data from computed or damaged secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data they store cannot be accessed in a normal way. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it