How To Fix/Solve Windows 10 File Explorer Not Responding PC And Laptop

Microsoft has provided the users with the best user experience programs and products for a long time and when we look at the track record of the Microsoft, you can find several apps and updates they provide are magnificent.

they make sure to fix the issues with every Windows Update, which is why they ask you to keep the updates turn on because it helps you to get rid of the problems and bugs the version is experiencing from various Softwares & Apps.

However, there are many issues with the Windows 10, which are filled with bugs that are not possible to fix unless you know the right method to get rid of it. Also you can try other windows explorer alternative that will help you to browse the saved files with ease.

Windows 10 File Explorer Not Responding | FIX

Among the problems, which we face in the Windows 10 are not easy to resolve because there are issues, which sometimes is way out of the hands of regular people, who don’t have the technical knowledge. Yes, I have been there too. At those times you need someone who can give you the best advice and show you the right way to resolve it.

There are three methods, and by using those three, you can resolve “File Explorer Not Responding.” I will give my best to explain the issue easier as possible.

Method One: Open Separate Window

Step 1: Open the File Explorer (If you are not able to open it then move on to the Next Methods.).

Step 2: As you can see below the image, click on “View” at the top.

view tab

Step 3: The panel has dropped down and look for “Options” in the left corner and click on it.


Step 4: A tab is open now, and you can see that there is another tab called “View,” click on it.

view folder

Step 5: There are several options and scroll down until you find “Launch Folder Window in Separate Process,” you have to check/tick the area.

launch tab

Step 6: Click “Apply” then “Okay.”

apply ok

In several cases, this is the primary cause of the problem and it will help you to get rid of the unresponsive file browser to another window and helps you to get rid of it instantly.

Method Two: Text, Apps & Images

Step 1: Open the search bar and search for “Display Settings.”

display driver

Step 2: Open the Display Settings.

Step 3: Check if the Text, Apps and other Items are not exceeding more than (1) 200%. If it does then make sure to reset to the (2) Recommended point.


It might not look much but it has an incredible impact on your PC/Laptop because the size is not recommended and it will crash the File browser due to unaccepted size of the Screen and Text. You can give this option a shot and it happens in rare cases.

Method Third:

This method has worked for 80% of the users in the past and it will definitely work for the Windows 10 users as well. This is the final curtain of the all methods. So let’s begin.

Step 1: Go to the search bar and search for “Control Panel,” if you can find it on your own then you can proceed.

control panel

Step 2: In the “Control Panel“, you have to find the “Search Bar“, which is located on the top right side of it. If you have located it then proceed to next step.

file explorer

Step 3: If you have found the search bar then type “File Explorer” and results will show up based on your System Configuration.

Step 4: The first result would be of “File Explorer” and click on it.

Step 5: As you can see above that a tab pops up on your screen.

Step 6: As you can see from the image below that you have to use the “Clear” option to erase all previous data that is the primary cause of the issue. You can just click on the “Clear“.

system configuration

Step 7: Now click “Apply” or “Okay.”

apply once

This option will remove the recently used files in the Quick Access, and it will also remove the Quick Files.

Also it is recommended to use the latest version of Windows 10, you can get the iso offline installer from here.


We tried to resolve your issue in just few steps and easy as possible. If you are unable to resolve then you can Reset your PC, it will definitely help. If the problem occurs because the OS is corrupted then Re-install Windows 10 on your PC/Laptop. Let us know your thoughts, ideas and how you have managed to fix the problem in the comments below.

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