New Technologies in Education in 2024

The last few decades have seen significant changes in the education field. From the introduction of technology in the classrooms to personalized curriculums, the face of education has been transformed. Historically speaking, technology is the pioneer of this change in education. For instance, the introduction of radios in classrooms in the 1920s brought forward audio learning for students. Following this, the overhead projectors introduced in the 1930s launched the audiovisual learning trend across the globe.

Education thrives with advancements in technology. Most schools and educational institutions have cracked the code. They have successfully incorporated new technologies into their curriculums and created the perfect learning experience for their students. The year 2019 will see more of these changes being adopted by schools.

Technology Is Changing the Way Education Is Perceived

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Technology is one of the reasons why education has become more inclusive and has reached far across the lands. Many government and non-government organizations are working towards education with the help of technology. The most government-initiated education programs are centered on providing subsidized technology in the field of education. This upward graph of technological advancements will only soar higher in the next few years. Here are a few things one can expect in the year 2019:

  • Personalized Curriculums

One of the most common complaints with the education system is lack of inclusivity. Predetermined curriculums are imposed on students in most schools. Wherein, students are forced to perform well in subjects and areas they have no interest in. The aptitude of a student who excels in arts cannot be determined by their grade in math. This way of learning not only demotivates students, but it also creates unhealthy competition among young individuals. Most private schools create personalized curriculums for their students so that they can express themselves in their own respective ways. Unfortunately, this is only limited to a select few students who are fortunate enough to afford private education.

However, due to technological advancements, students will soon be able to handpick their school syllabus. They can express themselves in ways that are convenient for them. With the help of tablets and AI programs, students can learn in ways like never before. Media like interactive games and videos, advanced machine learning technologies, etc. can be of great help. This was not possible in the past because of the lack of accessibility and its high cost. But, because of cost-effective techniques of production, this technology can now be available to a wider range of students.

  • The Introduction of the Internet of Things or the IoT

The Internet of Things is a fairly new concept introduced around 2016. It is still in the works, and scientists are constantly working towards perfecting it. The Internet Of Things means having all electronic devices in a system such as a school, interconnected with each other. Computers and other such smart devices are connected to each other through the same internet network. This facility is beneficial to schools in many ways. They act as a real-time communication device and help teachers assign homework to their classes and help in the overall communication of the classroom.

The IoT also helps track the progress of every student efficiently as it is connected to every student with the help of cell phone applications.  This is also beneficial for parents as virtual biometric systems in schools provide them with real-time attendance and ensure the safety of their children in schools. More and more schools are adopting the IoT as a means to a more inclusive and closed knit environment in their establishments.

  • Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, the advancements in technology have made it accessible to a large number of individuals. Due to this technology, information which was not readily available to teachers and students in remote places is now easily accessible. The internet has filled the empty spaces that created a problematic and insufficient curriculum in most schools.

A student in the rural areas of a third world country has the same amount of information that was only exclusively available to the students in private schools. The year 2019 will see many of these government education plans being implemented in schools and colleges.

  • Experienced Teachers Will Be Able To Teach In Schools Located In Remote Places

With the help of Internet facilities, which will be available in almost all schools by 2019, a teacher will be able to give lectures to a number of students at one time. It will be made possible for seasoned professors to impart their knowledge to students sitting in remote areas of the world through Internet accessibility.

  • Planning Curriculums Strategically

Some of these schools that are already under digitalization programs have reconstructed their syllabi entirely. They have created intricate curriculums that incorporate technology with education to fit the needs of the students. Once technology completely takes over the education system, the simplicity of learning will increase manifold. It will not only be easier for students to comprehend concepts, but it will also be easier for teachers to teach.

These last few years were the years of detailed planning aimed to help the education systems all over the world, and 2019 will see the implementation of these above programs in schools. Companies are always developing technology that is accessible to the masses; new versions of computers are created every year. These computers are always better than the previous ones and come with even more perks. It is safe to assume that the following years will truly transform education systems and with it, the ideologies of the world.

Apart from this, online websites have also gained popularity among students. They help with assignments and provide alternate interpretations of what students usually learn in schools. It is wise to assess the quality of a website before using it for educational purposes, edusson reviews and testimonials online are full of praise from its previous users and are one of the websites students can use to simplify schoolwork.

Traditional learning has proven to be insufficient for students. Times are changing, and so is the education system, and so, technology will prove to be a forerunner of this change in the future.

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