What Kind of Impact Does Technology Have on Education Today?

When they hear the word “technology,” teachers usually associate it with the stereotypical mobile device going off in the middle of class. Tutors who do not keep up-to-date with tech innovations consider technologies a waste of time. They often underestimate its importance for learning. Technology can be a major educational tool today, especially when speaking about students who have no opportunity to attend physical classes or live abroad. Tech allows them to make their dreams come true.

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Based on the recent studies, a staggering 95% of tutors think that tech has had a positive influence on the learning processes in different educational institutions. In terms of teaching resources and connecting with youngsters, technologies could be the main instrument when used properly. To do so, teachers and students should reach a compromise. Tutors should allow using cell phones and other electronic devices in class under some conditions. For instance, students should be given a right to use storage services like Cloud or special educational apps to speed up and ease the process of learning.

We want to list five out of many concepts to realize the impact of modern technologies on the learning process. These are the findings of the study focused on testing various edu software and other technologies.

Engagement with the Study Material

Students tend to learn things by observing and exploring them. That is why tutors often assign such tasks as research papers as they are based on independent studies instead of the subjective opinion of the student. When actions, research, and feedback are combined, the process of learning the specific material is complete. Young people then become enthusiastic and passionate about the topics they cover. One of the ways to master geography or some other natural sciences is to use tools like Google Maps or Earth. When it comes to getting assistance with paper writing, students may turn to a professional essay writer instead of trying to do everything on their own. Such software as Grammarly and Copypaste help to make sure the written works are free of mistakes and plagiarism. This list of useful apps could be endless!

Use of Real-World Problems

Instead of mastering theory alone, modern technologies make it possible to practice issues without leaving class. It gets students ready for real-world problems and cases that might need an immediate solution. With the help of the world wide web, pupils can find relevant cases that took place in real life where the knowledge of the particular subject is obligatory. This way, tutors will help students to understand the significance of their discipline. Without realizing how the lesson may be useful in the real world, a student will have no interest in studying it.

Work in Teams

Students who may feel shy or even be socially anxious will benefit from being involved in some team works and group practices. Students do not have to study all alone today: reading a book independently is hard without being distracted or blown away by some thoughts. Teamwork fosters active participation in class through debates and discussions. Even if the tutor offers an online board or forum for discussion, it still gets hot in there as students all have their opinions towards the issue. Also, working groups stand for the establishment of democratic team dynamics.


Nowadays, tutors are more like mentors and coaches. Thanks to the technologies, they are less responsible for such things as providing students will all the necessary materials as it is possible to surf the web and find the necessary resources independently. At the same time, tutors are no longer instructors whose job is to tell about a specific subject and assess the knowledge using tests and exams. Teachers today are less conservative. They serve more as coaches and personal guides, adding interactive activities and entertainment with the help of electronic devices and learning tools. It is easier to provide feedback to the students at any moment and find interesting, relevant topics when searching the news online.

Simulation & Modeling

Dozens of simulation applications today assist in bringing real-world activities to the class. Learning topics related to the fields of natural science, for example, is quite difficult without having an opportunity to visualize things. Students and teachers both benefit from using simulation tools to see the movement of the planet or the development of various natural disasters. Students learn faster when they can picture things and see how it all happens in real life. Static models are no longer in trend. Virtual reality allows dynamic models to observe and enjoy.

So, Does It Work?

88% of the parents reported significant improvements in the way their children perceive education and get ready for their classes. More and more traditional classes go online and interactive today. That is true that technologies open new opportunities for both sides, teaching, and learning. It is just important to select study tools properly and wisely.

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