The Future Of Farming Is Here | IoT

Growth is at the heart of the human experience – we age, we develop new technologies, we expand our surroundings, and we produce children to continue and experience as we have. In modern times, we’ve grown as a population more than the entirety of human history. 7.2 billion people currently inhabit the earth with another 2.4 billion expected to be on the way in the coming decades.

Luckily, as this population boom is occurring, we are in the midst of the age of technology. Advancements in computers, phones, and tech have allowed us to simplify systems that were once laborious and complex. For example, and most pertinent to our current topic, agriculture has been at the forefront of tech advancement and implementation.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand and develop, we gain access to new technologies and information capture systems that allow us to again simplify systems. The IoT is a collection of any device that has access to the internet and can record and store data as it is used. Phones, computers, cars, etc. – all part of the all-encompassing IoT network. But what role is played by the IoT in the agriculture industry?

How IoT Can Change Agriculture

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There is a difficulty in keeping up with the food production necessary to keep the world’s population fed. Even now, we struggle to provide for everyone, and we can only wait to see how that trend will fare as the population continues to grow. As efficient as farmers and farming tools are today, it’s simply not enough. We need faster tools, more efficient processes, and the reduction of used resources. That’s where the IoT and tech come into play.

All of the above mentioned necessities are checked and addressed by the IoT. With a network of connected devices all working in tandem to grow, tend, and harvest crops, food production will experience a boom. Farmers will be able to grow much more productive than current numbers which will, in turn, lead to a flourish in the world’s food. The use of ag-tech will account for cleaner production processes, and fewer resources being used and wasted.

Bugs Remain to Be Fixed

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As with everything, the IoT implementation in farming is not perfect. There remain some issues to be addressed when it comes to ag-tech and the advancement of agriculture. You need to have a vast network of devices all working together on one goal whilst remaining connected and together. This is difficult to achieve and requires much tech work to properly maintain. Luckily, companies who specialize in this work are available and ready for action.

The devices you must use to properly care for and harvest these crops must be durable and able to withstand many weather conditions. Farming and agriculture occur in all sorts of weather so the tech you’ll need must be able to withstand the hottest of hots and the coldest of colds. Continued development of devices and systems that can endure any ecosystem is in the works and can be expected soon.

Digiteum – A Solution for IoT Agriculture

One company that specializes in the development of IoT tech for agriculture is Digiteum. Their team has begun the process of developing new projects with the goal of advancing agricultural practices and systems. Digiteum is also a company that specializes in keep IoT systems up to date, organized and secure.

Digiteum offers solutions to Smart Homes, the Healthcare industry, personal devices, retail services, and agricultural organizations. If your company needs an IoT organization or implementation, Digiteum has the services and solutions to bring your business into the modern age of the Internet of Things. Agriculture’s future is now, and companies like Digiteum are at the forefront of new ag-tech and IoT system development.

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