UM Tagging And Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress is a CMS (Content management system), which has helped millions of people in creating a fabulous site under a budget. To make it a sophisticated platform, many developers have contributed to the WordPress plugins, which enables you to create fantastic without the assistance of web designers. Creating a community and a user profile website

Registration Magic Review: Revamp the Default Registration Form in WordPress

The default registration form on WordPress is a bit outdated and limits you from collecting more information from the user. If you don’t allow public registration on your website then it’s ok to use the default registration form, but if you welcome a user to register on your blog/site, you should collect more information from

Best Free Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins 2024

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to rank on top of search engines. Though there are a number of ways to boost your website’s traffic from search engines, the Rich Snippets is the most ignored one. Google, one of the major search engines used worldwide has claimed that rich snippets actually

Making Your Product Reviews bring $$$ with SchemaNinja

Yes, you heard it right, Making Your Product Reviews does bring $$$ and even more $$$$$. But How with SchemaNinja? I will explain you everything in the post below. Friends, you may be having thorough knowledge about the concept of SEO, content writing or all the off-page and on-page techniques to establish your blog online.

Best Free Content Locker WordPress Plugin | Improve Your Traffic

Are you are content creator? Want to get more engagement to your viral content from your existing users? The plugin can be the best solution for you. You can now easily lock your content and ask user to share it socially for reading it completely. This can surely bring more social engagement to your post

Best And Top 5 SSL WordPress Plugins | If HTTPS Switching Is In Your Mind

The ‘HTTPS’ displayed in the URL of the website is called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. It is used to encrypt the website data between the server and browser. It creates a true signal for a reader that a website page is secure. However, if you have a WordPress based website, you will require a

Getting Acquainted with Posts Table Pro Plugin – A Complete Guide

A variety of plugins can be found in the WP repository that can come to your aid providing the most desirable features according to your needs. One such plugins is Posts Table Pro. It is a master plugin that lets you create the customizable tables from pages, posts, or the custom type posts. It eliminates

URL Shortener Free And Pro WordPress Plugin |MyThemeShop

Sharing the long links over your profile is always a troublesome process. It doesn’t look decent. Moreover, most of the affiliate links are too long that they can cover a large space on your page, whenever you share them. In such situations, a URL shortener can come to your rescue. MTS URL shortener is an

Best Video Lazy Loading WordPress Plugin | Velocity Review

Do you regularly embed videos in your blog posts? Have you ever checked the loading time of a post with an embed video and one without it? Once you do the comparison, you will realize the fact that embedded videos increase the loading time of web pages. How can you get the normal speed no

Easy Social Share Buttons The Most Popular WordPress Plugin Review

is one of the most popular WordPress Plugin that can be used to bring user engagement to your site on social media. The plugin lets you to embed the social sharing buttons on every post so that the readers can share it and you get maximum reach to your post on social media. It is

Free Google Analytics WD WordPress Plugin Rated 5/5 Stars | The Pros And Cons

Are you in the search of plugin that can give you an opportunity to look into the Google Analytics reports in your WP website? Will you like to send out scheduled email reports, pushover notifications, and handle the custom dimensions and goals without navigating to the main website of Google Analytics? If yes then is

GetResponse VS Constant Contact Features Review

Let me be honest and straight-forward, yes this is a review, a comparative, detailed insightful review inside GetResponse and ConstantContact, the two leaders of the Email marketing industry. Now here are the reasons why you should be reading this review right now, first I already know you’re in search of an Email marketing solution, something

Best Responsive Elegant WordPress Vertical Menu Plugin | Slick Menu

WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform that can even be used to create awesome websites. The number of pre-designed themes and powerful plugins are what make WordPress so dominant over the internet. One such plugins is . It is one of the recently launched WP plugins that provides you powerful features to play with the

Protect Your WordPress Site For Free Using Security Ninja Plugin

Isn’t it tedious? You have to update your plugins, themes and WordPress version, check for safety, remove deactivated plugins, prevent hacking and do a lot of tasks as a WP website admin. Most of the times, we forget to do at least a few of them. Who knows whether it leads to a huge security

Free WordPress Multilingual Plugin | Scrybs Review

Do you want to have the same content in different languages on your website? Translating from the source language to the target is the first way that comes to your mind in such a scenario. You will have to say a big NO to it if you have a lot of content on your site.