Best And Top 5 SSL WordPress Plugins | If HTTPS Switching Is In Your Mind


The ‘HTTPS’ displayed in the URL of the website is called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. It is used to encrypt the website data between the server and browser. It creates a true signal for a reader that a website page is secure. However, if you have a WordPress based website, you will require a SSL plugin to redirect your pages to HTTPS. If you don’t do so, then the developer may charge you a huge amount for the same.

Top Notch SSL WordPress Plugins

The WP plugins are always a handy choice for every user. A range of plugins is available in the WP Repository and you can find some of the best SSL plugins from here for managing the redirections on your website. Here are some of the best SSL WP plugins that you will require for setting up HTTPS on your WP site.

Really Simple SSL


This awesome plugin knows its job well. You just require an SSL certificate and the plugin will do its job well. It detects your website settings automatically and configure it cleverly to run over the HTTPS. All the incoming requests are automatically redirected to HTTPS. Moreover, the translations can be added easily to different languages.

Also we have done a detailed review


• The website settings are detected automatically.
• Handles the redirects really well.
• It offers a debug mode too.
• Available in different languages.


• Sometimes. 404 errors may become too frequent.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer


It is a different plugin as from the others that are mentioned in this list. It does some of the basic fixes required after the implementation of SSL. The mixed content and insecure content warnings are easily resolved. Moreover, it cleans up the videos and images to load with the HTTPS URLs.


• All the basic fixes are performed automatically.
• You are allowed to set the fix level by your own.
• It is a multilingual plugin.


• Not a proper SSL WP plugin.
• It doesn’t redirects to HTTPS.

WP Force SSL

force it

You can easily redirect all the website traffic from HTTP to HTTPS after installing this awesome plugin. Though it lacks the advanced options unlike many other plugins, but is capable of doing wonders. You can manage all the redirections easily after doing the basic settings.


• Manage the redirection wisely.
• It also fixes the mixed content and insecure content problems well.


• Lacks the Advanced Settings.
• It will not redirect to HTTPS if you have tried accessing the page via HTTP specifically.

Easy HTTPS Redirection

easy file

This plugin gives you an ability to redirect the selected pages or all the pages of your website to HTTPS from HTTP. It comes with a great capability to force load the static files like CSS, JS, images etc. Using it, you can also force the search engines to index your HTTPS web pages.


• Load the static files.
• Gives you option to redirect pages of your choice.


• The translation is not available.
• Restoring the site to HTTP version may become difficult.

WordPress SSL (HTTPS) Enforcer


It is an easy to implement WP plugin that is capable of enforcing the HTTPS redirection on the domain and its web pages if the SSL certificate has been installed for it properly. It is a free plugin and lacks advance capabilities.


• Redirects your HTTP website to HTTPS easily.
• It is available for free.


• You may get mixed content errors.
• Lacks multilingual support.

The Last Words

The SSL plugins play a major role in redirecting your insecure web pages to HTTPS after you have installed the SSL for the domain. These plugins can easily handle the redirection and look after the insecure or mixed content errors that may occur after the redirection. But before you take a step ahead, it is recommended to backup your website data to end up on a safe side, just in case any error occurs and you lost the website data or it becomes corrupt. Above-mentioned is list of best SSL WP plugins that can be installed on your website for handling the redirection easily.

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