PaintFlow for Painting Pros Review| An All In On App In Short

An app that can set new standards in the residential painting fronts. Meet PaintFlow, a mobile app for residential painting professionals who are looking to better manage their clients, proposals and projects.. You can find all you need to understand about PaintFlow. It is a must-have app for the painting professionals if you are dedicated to this business.

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PaintFlow is a mobile application that provides a platform that comes with tons of features that benefit the professional painter. Firstly, the app provides tools that can streamline all client-related tasks, proposals, and projects. Moreover, it manages the workflow of residential painters which increases their productivity.

Superbolt Ventures, who are the developers of PaintFlow, have come up with this great idea that improves the technological aspect of painting homes.

The app is structured like it is meant to be understood easily. Anyone can get familiar with the workaround of PaintFlow in just a few minutes. It is simple yet a very professional platform that provides high-quality tools for managing proposals and projects.

Why should you use PaintFlow?

Right off the start, you can tell that PaintFlow is a great addition without any sacrifice in your painting business. The app comes at no cost to the painter. Moreover, it provides you with a better chance of connecting to your clients and taking your business to the next level. The credibility of your business grows as you close deals with clients and give them high-quality service. And since word of mouth is the best advertising, you will soon find yourself flooded with referrals from happy clients.

Let’s break down the benefits that PaintFlow provides so that you can understand it better.

  • High-Quality Proposals – PaintFlow allows its users to create attractive, professional-looking proposals for their clients. The proposals are easy to set up and send to the client, straight from the app.
  • Manage your work – With PaintFlow, you have a portal that provides management tools for your projects. You can manage the details of what the clients want and the timelines of your projects. You can also give a quick call, text, or mail your clients right from the app.

  • Organized projects – All the painting projects you may have at the same time can cause havoc in your work. This does not happen inPaintFlow as it has an interface and features that can organize all your projects perfectly. You will not face any confusion as if you are shuffling through a pile of paperwork.
  • Easy Payment – Along with a great user experience, the payment processing provided by PaintFlow is also streamlined. PaintFlow has a payment gateway that eliminates the problems related to paying and receiving money. Your clients pay online and payment is quickly routed directly to your bank account.

  • Real-Time information – Any changes and modifications that your clients request in change orders will be visible to the painters via the work order. As a result, everyone will be up to date about what has been requested and what the specifics about the painting work are.

How to send Work Orders in PaintFlow

After getting the proposals from clients, you have to know the way to send the work orders to your colleagues or team. Here is how you do that.

  • Inside the PaintFlow app, go to the “Projects” section.
  • Select the project that includes the work order you want to send to your team.
  • Tap on “Work Order” and review all the information your clients require from you. This information will be open via a default browser.
  • Inside the details of the work order that you are seeing in the browser, you can directly share it. Whether it is text or email, you can send the work order as you prefer.

Your team will receive the work order and all of the details that are needed to do the painting.


PaintFlow is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app is free to download and use on your mobile device.


Elevate your residential painting projects with PaintFlow by joining other skilled painters. You will stay ahead of the rest if you start using PaintFlow and utilize what this app has to offer. PaintFlow is a necessity if you are in the residential painting industry. It will surely act as a digital hub for managing all of your clients, proposals and projects.

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