Sports Thread : The Ultimate App For Student Athletes

Are you a high school student who is highly interested in activities like sports and games? Well, if that’s the case then today you are in for a ride as we are going to be having a look at how you can take full advantage of your skills on the field and make it useful in your college admissions process. As a fellow young athlete I can assure you that sports scholarships in the colleges would help you out extremely and to get one, you need to have an extremely popular social profile. Our main focus today is how we can help you out easily to start out with your sports profile and keeping it up to date over the years.


Social media for people of sports is something that has always been wanted but hasn’t been a reality until now. We’d like to introduce all you youngsters to SPORTS THREAD, an app for iOS that seamlessly allows you to find a community of like minded young athletes. The app is hugely based on the basic ideals of social media with a hint of privacy and security. The app offers login of 3 different types.

  1. For Students and Athletes
  2. For Coaches
  3. For Fans

The app tries to develop and overall community of people who play, manage and actually are interested in sports. The sports thread is basically for each and every sport which is popular among high school students and has a varsity team.


SPORTS THREAD is like a Reddit for a community of young school and college professionals who are looking forward to maintaining an online social profile for themselves. Many colleges in the States look forward to knowing all about you including your academics and your sporting background before offering you an admission. These days a Sports Thread profile is a great way to ensure that your college application has your complete profile.


The app is well known for its features and it is one of the most wanted service of all time. With its extremely simple design and built quality people might get confused at times and can question its legitimacy. The simple layout allows for everyone to easily be able to use its services to their advantage.


Students who participate in sports and those who don’t can both use this app to their own advantage. Here is what all you can expect to get from the app on your devices for athletes –

1. Coach connection

If you feel you are a young and budding talent in the need of grooming then the sports thread can be the right place for you. It allows students to easily interact with coaches all around the states. This would give you good exposure and also help to enhance your boundaries.

2. Biography and Profile

The app allows users to simply create a profile and enter their own biography to attract attention from sources like potential college scholarships and coach contract offers,

3. Statistics

The sole reason why the game of sports works is because stats allow us to find consistent and more complete players easily. This is why we see that the game of a team sport is always evolving if they make the right changes at the right time.

4. Academics

Sports is not everything and since the app is mainly meant for college admissions, it allows users to simply add in their GPAs, Unofficial and Official transcripts so that coaches can have a look at them and make sure that they can provide an admission to the student in their school.

Features for non-athletes

If you are a regular student and don’t really play sports then the sports thread app becomes your only way to keep in touch with college athletic activities in the form of American Football, Basketball and Baseball. There are regular updates in the form of news articles and threads that you can follow.


Interaction is everything in a social media platform. Here is what all you can get through your sports thread account –

  1. Coaches from colleges can start conversations with potential candidates for admissions.
  2. Group messaging for high school and college sports teams, friend and fan groups etc.


Some of the miscellaneous features are as follows –

  1. Self Promotion

Allows you to get noticed easily by coaches and fans.

2. Search

Find stories from your potential Fall destination.

3. Feed

You can follow athletes and coaches to get posts from them in your feed.

Con : The only one we found is that is not yet available for Android device, hope they roll out android version soon.

Final Thought

We this this is one of the best app for athletes if you are an iOS user.


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