Best Free Music Player App For Android That Support Android Auto 2018

Android is evolving every year, and we are seeing manufacturers and automobile industry to use smart artificial intelligence to make their cars better in every way possible. Many major brands around the world are adapting to Android and adding Android features to the cars. The world knows that the majority of the smartphone users use

QuickStart App Review: The Pathway to Awesome IT Technical and Developer Training Content for Learners

Learning is an important part of life. We need to learn different skills, train ourselves for fast paced environment, and take up new initiatives to live a happy life. To learn something, you need a mentor who can guide you at different phases of learning. Most importantly, you need the best guides to develop skills

Baby Language One Of The Must Have Android App If You Are A Parent With Small Baby

Baby cries are considered as an alien language, which takes experience, and a lot work to understand a baby cry because they cannot express their issues in words, so they use their tears. Just because one has experience with babies doesn’t mean that the structure would be the same for every baby. Every baby has

VLC Media Player VS MX Player Which Performs Better, Faster, UI For Android Mobiles

Smartphones are powerful, and no one can argue, but the number of applications available in the market today makes things more confusing when you have one to choose. VLC Media Player VS MX Player For Android Mobiles And Tabs Smartphones introduced as a mobile device because of the size they use to come back in

Kiddoyo – The Best Playdate App Of All Time For Android, iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Parenting might be tough, especially for the ones who are new to parenthood. A number of parents around the globe go for babysitters to take care of their kids when they are not home or busy in some or the other task. But how about an app that can eliminate the need of hiring a

IRIIS Review: The Ultimate Android App for the Caregivers

When your loved ones need some extra care, you are the one who provide it to them. However, being a caregiver, there is little help for you. Managing the list of never-ending things can become hectic for you. IRIIS is the app that is here to help out the caregivers. It helps them to manage

My Expenses Business Manager: Manage your Monthly Expenses at One Place

It might be really difficult to manage your daily business expenses. If you are the one who cannot handle the monthly business expenses well, you should surely get the ‘My Expenses Business Manager’ app on your smartphone. It can come handy and help you in managing every single detail of the money spent in a

SmartGolf Android App – Play and Analyze your Golf Practice with this App

SmartGolf is the company behind the two revolutionary products – Smart Club and Smart Putter. Both these equipments are tailored to help the aspiring golfers to practice anywhere anytime and record the data with the help of SmartGolf App. This app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices and can be downloaded from the

Best Free Android Cleaner And Optimizer Apps For Mobiles And Tabs

An Android smart-phone is currently the most powerful technology any ordinary man can hold in the palm. There is no doubt that the smartphones come under a budget, but they do have flaws, which limits your usage and also performance keeps declining to the end. There is nothing you can do to prevent the smartphone

Lion’s Sphere Review: An Interesting Puzzle Android Game

If you are a Rubik Cube lover and love to solve Rubik Cube on your device, then we are sure then you would like this fantastic 3D puzzle game known as Lion’s Sphere. It is another form of Rubik Cube in which users have to solve eight colors 3D sphere. It comes with some amazing

Best Investment Apps for US Citizens Android User

One of the best ways to make money is by investing it. Be smart, take few risks, and know about the best investment plans to earn tons of money without too much hassle. You can use this money as your retirement funds or can even invest it further to make more money. As recession is

RetouchMe| Best Way to Get Professional Retouch to Your Photos Like A Pro

Before uploading a pic on we send hours on editing it and retouching it and for that, we buy some expensive tools which require some professional skills, and due to that we always get the less attractive edited image. But don’t worry as in this post we are going to talk about an on online