Best TV Tracking Apps For US And Canada for Android Mobile, TV And Tab

Many of us complain about missing our favorite television shows due to our busy schedule or something or other comes up and we miss it. Every year new seasons of our favorite show come especially if we are using VPNs or Netflix or Amazon Prime. But do you know you can actually manage the binge-watching list with the help of the android apps specially made for this very purpose?

The apps we going to discuss will make sure that you watch all your TV shows and stay ahead in your binge race. This apps even notify you when the new season will go on air. This will help you to manage your time to watch all the show on TV or stream them.

These apps won’t let you see the shows, these apps are made just to manage and remind you of new season or episode.

Anime Trakr

While most TV show apps do have the feature of anime database, Anime Trakr is a specialized app for animes. This app syncs with the most popular anime database MyAnimeList. This app lets you watch the trailer and has a great interface with a widget. You can even give your ratings to a show and schedule your show.

Series Addict

It is another great app which has a great support for Android devices. It manages to conform to the design of Android phones. It also has a nice calendar interface which is useful to manage the TV shows, though the widget is not so good.

TV show tracker: Trakt Client

This app is linked to a website Trakt, which helps you to schedule your show. This apps follow your activity regarding TV show by integrating with your media devices.

This is a new app with clean design and helps you to discover and gives you suggestions about new upcoming shows. It notifies you whenever you want by setting up the date and time. The calendar in the app gives you all the details about the show like the number of days remaining, episodes, etc

TV shows Fav

Here you get the recommendations about the TV show of the day and weekly top shows. You can add show to your favorites. You can see your shows in the tab ‘shows’ and dates of the next episode in ‘schedule’ tab.

TV series- Your Shows Manager

This app helps you to keep track of your favorite TV show and movies and upcoming shows and movies. You can explore a vast list of show according to your favorite genre. There is a calendar where you will be notified about the upcoming episodes, your watching progress, etc.

You can also see the ratings and other details of the show on this app.

Next Episode

This is a nice app with easy interface. When you enter the app the first thing you should explore is ‘more’ everything is present here. Here you can see ‘upcoming movies’, ‘trending’, ‘recommended for you’, etc.

To track show you have to star them and the next episodes which are going to be aired will list in ‘recent’ tab. You can see the episode name, timing, etc.

Series Guide: Shows & Movie Manager

It has more than 1 million downloads on PlayStore. There are different sections for movies and TV shows. You can see the episodes already aired and which are about to air. You can see your watch history also there. You can schedule the notification for the show in Google calendar from there itself. You can also see which movies are running in theatres and also know the synopsis of the film.

It is a user-friendly app which supports many different languages like French, Spanish, etc.


This is a small and app which is very simple to track your TV shows for android. The app has a rating of 4.7 on PlayStore. The app has only 3 sections. From Explore tab you can see the shows you want to watch or you are already watching. They will appear in the watchlist after you add them. In the following section, you can see you can see the list of upcoming episodes, date, time and countdown as well.

TV show time

It is a simple app with every element of TV show tracking. It allows you to track your favorite shows and also let you comment on the show with other community of users. It also lets you play the episodes of web series which are legally aired in the web without the requirement of finding a way to watch the show.

TV time

This is the best app for people who watch a lot of TV shows and wants to stay updated. Both iOS & Android versions of this app are available for download. It has more features than any other app for this purpose.

You can mark all the TV shows you watch and it will also suggest you the trending ones to track. Whenever you open the app the list of unwanted episodes of the TV show you are currently watching will appear on the home page with a date when they are going to be aired. There is also a watchlist where you can track the progress of shows.

They have formed many interesting quizzes on the shows which you have watched. There is also a section for podcasts and trending articles related to the shows. This is the list of our top 10 best TV shows tracking app available on Android.

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