ZoogVPN Review | Offers Unlimited Bandwidth With Access To Netflix US

We all are known of a called VPN. It stands for Virtual Private Network which makes its users access geographically blocked content. But most of the VPN services are not secure they allow users to access content on the cost of their privacy. But don’t worry as in this post we will tell you about a reliable high-speed VPN service called ZoogVPN formally ZoogTV.

Exploring ZoogVPN

virtual speed unlimited

ZoogVPN is a four years old VPN service provider which is available for almost all types of devices like Windows, Android, and iOS. It is a high-speed free VPN service through which its users can access blocked internet content with full security and privacy. Its free version comes up with few limitations and paid versions have different options, and we will discuss it later in the post.

Features of ZoogVPN

1) Through ZoogVPN users can access blocked geographical content. Its servers are located in different parts of the world have a look at below snaps for more idea.

locations to see


asia pacific

2) Through it, users can access the internet anonymously and hence it provides full security to users identity from hackers or government securities agencies. It is very helpful for those who often uses public Wi-Fi.

3) ZoogVPN is available for almost all types of OS. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows so that users can use it any time and any where. It comes with some useful features like:

a) Like Auto Connect feature: This connects the device to the VPN servers automatically. (for Android, ios, and Windows the working is different).

b) Auto Reconnect: This feature connects the device to internet automatically in case of a network interruption.

c) IP Leak Protection: ZoogVPN provides full security to users identity as it deletes the default gateway during connection to the VPN this is done to eliminate all chance of IP leakage.

d) Best VPN node: ZoogVPN apps makes its users to stay connected to best ZoogVPN servers based on location. This is done to provide best users experience to it users.

4) They follows Zero Log policy and never keeps any details about the browsing history of its users. ZoogVPN makes its users browse the internet without any fear of being tracked.

5) Supports large number of protocols like KEv2, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec and OpenVPN with AES-128 & AES-256 encryption.

Pricing of ZoogVPN

ZoogVPN comes with various subscription packs, and users can choose these packs according to their budget and need. The free subscription pack is also in which users will get 2GB of data limit per month. To get more idea have a look at below snap.


Why to go for ZoogVPN?

In this section, we will tell you why they are better.

1) Its free version comes with monthly 2GB of data which is very more than enough for browsing internet.

2) Its subscriptions packs are less expensive as compare to other services. And it comes with seven days 100% money back guarantee which is very superb.

3) Netflix (Colorado and Kansas servers) and other online streaming services support. It is one of the biggest plus point associated with the ZoogVPN. It is one of those rare VPN service providers which support most of the online video streaming services (both premium and non-premium). They promise to provide hassles online streaming experiences to its users.

netflix US

4) It is easy to use VPN service which comes with easy to user interface. It comes with some useful features like One-Click Connect, Auto Connect, etc. which are very helpful for nontech users as now they can connect to VPN without any high knowledge about all these things.

5) Excellent customers support makes this service provider a better option. Its customer care is quite responsive and helpful.

6) Last but not the least ZoogVPN servers are located at all part of the world. It covers the various region of US, UK, and Asia Pacific.

We hope you have read all of the points carefully and will take steps accordingly. If you are looking for a free VPN service then just go for it without any second thought and if you are not 100% sure then don’t worry as ZoogVPN service comes with 100% money back guarantee.

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