Best Free Android Cleaner And Optimizer Apps For Mobiles And Tabs

An Android smart-phone is currently the most powerful technology any ordinary man can hold in the palm. There is no doubt that the smartphones come under a budget, but they do have flaws, which limits your usage and also performance keeps declining to the end.

There is nothing you can do to prevent the smartphone from slowing down physically, but there are developers around the world, who have come up with cleaning your RAM and internal storage to provide you the best performance.

There are also separate applications for Android where you can optimize your smartphones, which will help your smartphone function faster and efficiently. However, there are too many issues and myths in this area and not many love to clear it for you because there is a lot of traffic and money in it.

Best Android Cleaner & Optimizer Apps

Before we reveal the most excellent list, we would love to bring some facts about the cleaners and optimizers.

  1. Cleaners – 80% of the RAM cleaners are fake. They are fooling you around are almost six years, giving you false statistics. If you are using it, then it should probably work, but the figures are fake.
  2. Optimizers – Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as an optimizer. No Android application is capable enough to optimize your slow device, which lacks physical RAM.

However, the applications, which we have used over the years and they don’t mess with the trust you put in them. Let’s begin.

*1 CCleaner – First, try this

CCleaner is initially a Windows software that enables the users to clean the “C” and get rid of the unwanted files. We have been using it since 2012 Jan, and it does a fabulous job when it comes to cleaning junk files.

Now they are on the Android platform, and they took a lot of time to launch their app on play store.

We have been using the CCleaner android version for almost six to seven months, and we can tell more about it.

  • The CCleaner does clean unnecessary files and junk from various sources.
  • CCleaner is a lightweight app, so it does not consume a lot of battery charge, and it does not run background all time.
  • The application comes does not have additional unnecessary options like RAM cleaner (Which never works on other apps.) and other optimization options.
  • You don’t have to use it thrice a day because CCleaner is a working app that gives you legit statistics.

What does CCleaner clean?

  1. The cache of installed applications.
  2. Empty folders created by the applications.
  3. Processes – They happen to be data and background apps running.
  4. Whatsapp Junk (It also include your Videos, Pictures both sent and received.)
  5. Call logs (Do not delete them unless you don’t want to have it.)

Note: After cleaning, your smartphone will seem a little slower at first twenty seconds, but then you can see the differences.

As you can see from the above snapshot, there is no additional list of things you find on other apps.

*2 DU – Cleaner

The file size of the cleaner is 6.9MB, which gives you access to features that allow you to clean cache and get rid of files and folders.

An excellent cleaner that has many features but an essential point of the whole topic is that it works.

What does DU Cleaner clean?

  1. The cache of installed applications.
  2. Empty folders created by the applications.
  3. Processes – They happen to be data and background apps running.
  4. The DU Cleaner works like CCleaner.

What are the CONS of DU Cleaner?

  1. Too many display advertisements – Turn off your 2G/3G/4G internet.
  2. The statistics of the DU Cleaner is fake. They want you to believe that you can save 1GB of free space so that you come back again.
  3. Optimization – Nothing is harming your smartphone, you don’t need the optimizer.

*3 Cleaners You Should Avoid

There are many cleaners in the Android market, but there is one you should avoid at any cost. CM Cleaner and Clean Master.

  1. These apps slow you smartphone down instead of making it faster.
  2. They run in the background, which hurts your battery charge.


We know that we haven’t listed some of the famous cleaners because they don’t work and they slow your smartphone down instead. Let us know what do you think about the CCleaner and DU Cleaner in the comment section.

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