Serist iPhone App Lets You To Track Your Favorite TV Shows With Ease | Review

serist featured imageWelcome to the review of Serist. Serist is providing a simple and effective way to follow your favorite TV shows. It’s a LINITIX product and is currently available for iOS for a cost of just $1.99. In this post we will cover its features and review using our iPad running the latest iOS. Now let us explore it first.

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Exploring Serist

As mentioned, it is a utility app that will help you to track your favorite TV show. With the help of Serist now you can track episodes you watched and you want to watch or get notifications for new episode. Now let us have a close look of its interface.

Here are some snaps taken while using the app these pics will surely help you to understand the application.

1. Starting the app for the first time you will get a welcome window like as shown below.

manage all your serials2. Now you have to do some setup for the app like you have to sign in into your Trakt account however you can skip this step and sign in later. You can also setup for push notification and email notification for your favorite shows.

connectingnotificationsemails3. Now, after setup you will redirected to the home screen where you can search for your favorite shows like the one shown below.

followup4. Now select your show and you will get information like about star cast, rating, release date, episode duration and a list of episodes,like as shown below.

serials on television5. Want to follow a show just swipe left and follow the show after which can see that show in Your show option have a look to below snap for more idea.

mark as seen6. In Your Shows window you will get a list of all the TV shows you follow like as shown below.

show list7. You can select the episode and mark it like Mark as watched Now, Mark as Watched On Release Date and Check in have a look to below screenshot.

tracking the television8. Here you can see what I am currently watching 🙂 .

Now seeFeatures of Serist

There are lot of features of the app and here is a list of features of the app in short.

• Follow your favorite TV Shows.
• Track each and every episodes that you have watched or want watch.
• Get push notifications for all the episodes or events.
• Get daily or weekly email notifications for events.
• Sign in and synchronize your Trakt account.
• It is a spoiler free service.

Final Words

Not making post lengthy we are ending it here only and at last we would like to share some pros and cons of the app which we noticed while using the app. So have a look to them, these points will surely help you.


Let us discuss pros of the app have a look.

• Neat and clean, attractive user interface. The app works smoothly and we did not notice any errors.
• Good notification system. Get notified of your favorite shows through push notification and email notification system.
• It is a spoiler free service, hence no spoilers for shows you follow.


Nothing is perfect and so with it and here are some cons which are associated with the app have a look.

• Only available for iOS based devices ie not available for Windows and Android phones.

With each day everything is improving and we can hope the company will also improve its service and will launch its Android and Windows phone version. If you are an owner of iOS based device you can go with Serist as it will surely help you in your busy routine to track and follow your favorite TV shows. So just try it once as the cost of the app is not to high. And please share your thoughts with us through like, share and comments hope you like it thank you.

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