MagicJumblePro Android Game: A Treat for Puzzle Lovers

puzzles playingIf you like to play puzzle game, then keep on reading this post as in this post we are going to tell you about a very exciting puzzle game known as MagicJumblePro. MagicJumblePro is a puzzle game, in which users have to arrange numbers in increasing order like from 1 to 15. There are different types of puzzle available, and each puzzle has different levels. Let us explore more about its types and other features in below section of the post.

Exploring MagicJumblePro

It sounds like MagicJumblePro is regularly puzzle game in which users have to arrange numbers to clear each round, but MagicJumblePro is more than that as it comes with many other features which make it different from other puzzle games of same types. Below are some of its features have a look at these features carefully.

1) It comes with three types of puzzle, and each three types of puzzle contain further three categories. Hence it comes with total nine various kinds of puzzles. Primary three categories are Cracker (1D), Lasagna(2D) and Burrito(3D).
2) Each type can be played in three further types which are plain (simple), photos puzzle and movie puzzle.
3) Users can select the images used in the puzzles from their gallery.
4) Each sub types consist of various levels, and total 45 levels are there.
5) The concept of Leaders Board and High Scores are also there to make the game more challenging.

Playing MagicJumblePro

Let us introduce you to the interface of the MagicJumblePro game so that you can get the idea about the types and levels available in it.

1) From the home screen only you can see various types of puzzle available in the game, select any your choice and after that choose the level.

2) We have selected the very first type, i.e., Cracker and in Cracker type, we have selected the first level. Have a look at below snap.

3) You can also select other cracker types like Photo Cracker and Movie Cracker. Cracker is just like a simple 1D puzzle game.

4) After 1D you can also enjoy the game in 2D format and can play Lasagna types. Like Cracker, Lasagna is also available in three types like Simple, Photo and Movie. Have a look at below snap in which we are playing Photo Lasagna.

5) In Photo and Video types, users can select the custom Photos from the gallery. Look at below snap for more idea. In Photo Lasagna puzzle we are choosing front and back images for our puzzle.

6) After 1D and 2D you can also enjoy MagicJumblePro 3D puzzle known as Burrito. You can play Burrito in a different way like in Simple, Photo and Movie. Have a look at below snap in which we are playing Movie Burrito.

7) You can also customize Movie Burrito puzzle with personal images from the gallery.

8) You can also zoom in and zoom out accordingly to your convenience.

9) For each type and round there are some pre define rules, just click on that purple ‘i’ to read those rules. Like here we are have rules for cracker 3 X 3.

10) In menu option, you will get many options like Sandbox (which can solve the puzzle), High scores (through which you can check the high scores) and Leader board( through which you can check your status ).

Pros and Cons

Let us give some quick pros and cons which we noticed while playing the game.


1) MagicJumblePro is a free game which is packed with various types of puzzle.
2) MagicJumblePro consists of various types and levels of puzzles which make it ahead from other puzzle games which consist of limited numbers of levels.
3) MagicJumblePro comes with some users friendly options like Zoom option, Sandbox options, etc.


1) The only con which we noticed is that its interface. Its interface is very simple and unattractive developers should works on its interface though it is a puzzle. Still, there is a scope of improvement in the interface of the game.

We hope you have read the above pros and cons carefully and will take action accordingly. As MagicJumblePro is a free puzzle game, there is no harm in downloading it. Try it once, and we are 100% sure you would like it.

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