Future of mobile extension

The modern realness is so fast that many busy non-manual workers no longer even have time to sit down at the table and open laptop. Most work and personal issues are resolved on the go using smartphones. That is why IT companies are paying more and more attention to the custom mobile app.

An IT industry is continuously improving technology elaboration, taking into account the mobile trend. The Mangosoft team has an excellent technical and methodological base. It allows you to generate neoteric practical ideas for implementing apps for the future.

What areas of people’s lives are affected by app trends?


Recent trends in mobile computing are required to take into account not only the rhythm of life but also the needs of people. Phones participate in almost all events from the beginning of the day until its completion. It is hard to imagine life without an alarm on a smartphone. Smartwatches or smartphones count calories eaten and spent during the day. Gadgets measure the activity of people in the number of steps travelled by kilometres. Programs even allow you to assess stress levels by measuring pressure, temperature, and heart rate.

People in many fields of occupation cannot imagine a working day without video conferences with partners or communication in messengers with clients. Online shopping, taxi call, home delivery of products – all this can be done in a couple of clicks via smartphone. And the integration of public life in IT technology is escalating. Therefore mobile apps are the future.

Mobile app market trends

In the current situation, there are several most promising areas:

  • Progressively, users want to replace remote controls with smartphones. The more functions a smartphone can perform, the better. Ideally, a person can control all processes in life through a smartphone. For example, through mobile applications, you can turn on and off the light in the house, raise and lower the role of the curtains on the windows.
  • Chatbots and voice assistants almost replaced text messages on sites through a browser, as well as emails in the company. The ability to conduct a video chat with a company specialist also significantly reduced the number of phone calls.
  • Out-turns like Snapchat create virtual and augmented reality. In such a program, you can not only change facial features or apply filters. Additional features thus allow you to take photos and videos, make calls. Your opponent will see your face through the application filter.
  • Machine learning is being introduced in all new developments. After several sessions, the program understands the standard actions of the user and offers him templates. This helps speed up the process and improve productivity.
  • The introduction of Blockchain technology reduces the risk of error or fraud to zero. The technology is prevalent in banking products, payment systems and security systems.

Speed ​​is the future of mobile

Every month, various brands release way-out models of mobile devices. Technologies are improving and changing. For complete applications to work correctly on modern devices, developers regularly update them. But technology changes so quickly that it’s sometimes easier to create a program from scratch than to adapt an old one.

This point can be considered positive in terms of global activity extension. But for the end consumer – this is an additional cost. Companies and business owners are also forced to invest more and more in IT.

The Mangosoft team creates long-life oriented products. When developing, specialists use advanced technologies and the most modern methodological knowledge. Thus, each project can be easily updated, supplemented and expanded its capabilities, if necessary, in the future.

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