Worlds #1 Person Injury Tool, acquires California Legal-Tech Startup ProSe Claims

PainWorth acquired Californian-based tech startup ProSe Claims to expand the horizons in Canada and the USA. The two companies are coming together to expand the services and expertise to the people in the country. The slow justice system is becoming a problem for millions of citizens in the USA and Canada. The acquisition of ProSe Claims will play a major role in the success of PainWorth in the US market.

Why did PainWorth acquire ProSe Claims?

PainWorth is a success in Canada, but the team wants to cover the US market to help the people settle claims in the court. However, it’s not an easy feat to achieve as the market is different and has a set of dedicated laws in different states. ProSe Claims brings a qualified team and knowledge that will help the Canadian company to cover the US market. The Personal Injury app is developed to assist the victims for self-preparation and claim in court for settlements. However, the company is taking one step ahead to provide in-depth information keeping the previous records in the database and assist insurance companies and attorneys as well.

What does ProSe Claims do?

ProSe Claims is a search engine that is designed to connect people to affordable legal solutions with the help of a directory of virtual legal services. The Californian-based startup does not charge a single penny and is offering the services for free.

The tech startup company was founded in 2020, and PainWorth acquired it in 2021 to bring the team with them. PainWorth has the support of Karolina Dziadosz (doctor of law) and Justin MacFayden (co-founder), who joined the team as part of the expansion Into the USA.

ProSe Claims joined hands with PainWorth because they share the same vision and ideology. Two neighboring countries will have extensive support from PainWorth to help the claimants, insurance companies, and lawyers.

PainWorth is one of the 15 winners of ABA Techshow 2021, who will continue to develop the algorithm and provide comprehensive information on the solutions. The best of two worlds have come together to provide advanced algorithms and information to the claimants, lawyers, and insurance companies.

Why did PainWorth and ProSe joined hands?

PainWorth is founded in Canada, and ProSe Claims was founded in the USA, but they share the same vision to fill the gap in the slow justice system. Both companies follow the same ideology to help the claimants gain confidence to self-represent in the court and win the battle. The advanced algorithm is designed to fetch relevant cases that have occurred in the past, so the claimants can approach the court without depending on the lawyer.

No one can mislead the victim, even, lawyers can no longer mislead the family because PainWorth reduces cost and time. One app to help the claimants, lawyers, and insurance companies for free of cost. Now, PainWorth entered the USA market and planning to expand the horizons in the biggest democracy in the world.

What’s next for PainWorth new acquisition?

Currently, the company is working on the “Pro Portal” app that is designed for insurance companies and claims adjusters. The “Pro Portal” app will unveil at InsureTech North (2021 or 2022) and witness the demonstration of the new user-friendly app. The new acquisition officially has helped PainWorth make an entry into the USA market, and they are working to seed funds from investors in the country.

The goal is to utilize the existing technology in hand to develop new services and features for the claimants, insurance companies, and attorneys. The advanced algorithm will assist the searcher to find relevant cases that have taken place in the past and build self-confidence to represent the case in the civil court.

Modern Android & iOS devices play a crucial role in the process as millions of people own a smartphone in Canada and the USA. PainWorth app is available on Android, which has changed the course of thousands of claimants in the country to get compensated for the losses. Modern technology coupled with advanced algorithms will fill the gap in the slow justice system.

PainWorth aim is to develop a modern app for the users, who can fetch relevant information to support their case and build confidence to claim compensation in the court.

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