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Millions of business people are working in remote areas, where connection is not secure enough to protect the company’s sensitive data. Employees have to opt-in for VPN service to transfer sensitive data away from the preying eyes of internet service provider, spyware and other threats. You no longer have to rely on VPN services to transfer data securely and get rid of complicated process.

What is File Server Remote Access?

File server is a service provided by reputed companies and they create a secure line for the business people to upload, download, transfer and send files over cloud service. You have to subscribe to the service and reap the benefits of the infrastructure and security.

File Server Explained

The file servers have dedicated applications for Windows, macOS and smartphone app for maximum support.

Customers are alloted accounts, where administrator can assign roles to the accounts. You can upload, download and send files over file server without VPN.

The file server provider creates a secure by transfering the files using internal servers, so you don’t have to worry about the connection security.

Access File Servers Remotely (No VPN)

Access Secure File Server

The biggest upside is that you no longer need VPN to create secure connection in public Wi-Fi networks. Millions of business people are working remotely and they are staying at a hotel, home, and village. You can download the Windows & macOS program and access FIle Server at your home. There is no need to worry about the unsecured network because it is taken care by the program & file server.

Triofox is one of those File Server provider, who are offering Windows, macOS and mobile or web browser experience to the customers.

Access File Servers on Desktop & Mobile Devices

If you subscribe to Triofox service then you are guaranteed to get multiple options on the table. You can access file servers via web browser including mobile browsers. Many business people own a machine like desktop at home & laptop to carry around the world.

You can download the Windows & macOS client and access file servers without limitations without cloud services. Customers will get the desktop experience on mobile and web browser, so there is nothing to worry about missing features and complexity.

Advanced & Industry-standard Data Security

Business people wants to protect the data from invaders and attackers. Fortunately, Triofox utilizes SSL & HTTPS protocol to prevent the third-eye to monitor the movements. The combination of SSL & HTTPS protocol is industry-standard, where every piece of data is encrypted. The invaders can never decrypt it and that’s one of the reasons why the world is depending on the two protocols in websites, cloud servers and file servers.

Trifox Server Software

Many companies have established servers in the house and you can make most of it by installing Trifox Server. Yes, you can install Trifox Server software in Windows Server OS without complications. The wizard installer will complete the basic configuration without limitations and you no longer have to worry about the dependency components. Your machine will restart a few times when installing the components and everything is automated.

Set Permissions to Folders

NTFS is a Windows drive format and you can leverage the advanced permission options. The administrator can manage the server folders from the original server without limitations. You can take advantage of the Triofox Server software and manage the NTFS folders permissions. The server administrator have full control over the permissions, so no one can have access to the files & folders without the knowledge of the user.

Transfer Larger Files over internet

You got big-time players in the market, who offer larger file transfer and the file server providers have added the feature in the package. Triofox brought the feature, where it turns the shared files & folders in direct web links. The users can use the generated web links to transfer larger files over internet.

Try Triofox for free (Trial Version)

The American company Triofox alllowing the customers with doubts to try the product under trial version. New visitors can request a demo from the official website and get the best out of the Triofox products and assistance from the team.

Bottom Line

One search will give you hundreds of secure remote file access solutions and you can end the hunt by giving Triofox a try. You have a dedicated Toll-free number 1-888-955-6656, where you can communicate with well-trained representatives about the product, services, and what you get in it. Let us know what do you think about secure remote file access solutions in the comment section below.

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