Key Steps For Creating A Multi-Language App.

With the evolution of the internet, our planet has grown closer to each other. Because of this, we can say that the world is one big society, composed of many different languages. With these factors, there is no limit to the number of languages we can learn. This is why creating applications that use many languages is of such high importance. However, sometimes making applications that use many different languages can be a bit challenging. Here are the key steps to use when creating a multi-language application.


Sometimes the best place to start is where it should end. Take the time to look into various forms of translating your application. There are books, the best translator sites, and much more. By doing this step as early as you can, you can discover which languages your application will translate into the easiest. You may also find out which ones may need some more fine-tuning for the target language.

2. Localizations

Part of translations is ensuring that everything makes sense in the target language. For example, when playing a game on your mobile device. It might make sense for someone playing the states to have their in-game persona go into a diner for breakfast. However, in other countries having the character eat breakfast at home may make more sense. By localizing app content for different parts of the world, it will make more sense to other users around the world.

3. Preparing the Visual layouts

No matter where or how you translate them, all applications should always follow one principle. The fact is that any application should be appealing to the audience that it targets. If you are not careful while translating, many things could go potentially wrong. A different writing style, lack of content localization, and even different spellings can cause application issues.

They might become unappealing, or worse, stop working altogether. This is why it is important to ensure that the visual aspects work well for all the translated forms of the application.

4. Getting the TMS right

The Translation Management System also known as TMS for short has a variety of uses. However, the primary concern is the ability to monitor the translation process. By having the TMS running correctly, you can ensure that translating your application or website goes smoothly.

A decent TMS helps in many ways such as making it easier for your team to work together, avoiding redundancy in the translated text and helps to improve the quality of the translated work.

5. Testing the Application

To many, this is quite possibly the most crucial step. Testing the application is a way to see how the app has come together. It can also help you to find any issues that need to be taken care of as well. Testing an application can take many forms and one app could spend a long time being tested in multiple ways.

These can include application previews that are exclusively available to those you work with. Study groups, in which you invite people to try out your application and survey them about it.

Then there are beta releases, in which the app is nearly complete and ready to be released to the public. At this development point, there just may be a couple of bugs left to buff out.

Application testing can take a long time. Even the slightest issue can send you back to the beginning! However, once completed the hard work will be well worth it.

Final Thoughts

Today we live in a world where communication has gone completely global. With this in mind, there is no wonder that multilingual applications tend to get more customers than applications that only use one or two languages.

Multi-language applications allow you to properly communicate with others, even if one is incapable of understanding the language. Therefore, by developing an application that uses multiple languages you can develop an audience all around the world.

Author BIO: Melony Hart is a sought after writer with lots of experience. She specializes in writing about the ins and outs of language and translation, and about the newest tech tools available online. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking her favorite foods and playing a variety of games on her computer.

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