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A regular smartphone consumer can find Android and iOS apps on the official market. The official app stores offer user reviews, which adds greater value to the product and it plays a contributing factor in decision making. However, the customer or user reviews do not help the users to determine if it can truly solve the problem or not.

Google Play and Apple app store offer a rating function, which rates an application 0 to 5. I have downloaded several applications in the past, which had above 4.0 rating, and they turned out to be a bummer. Some of them had advertisements playing every time I select an option or function. At the end of the day, you cannot put all the faith on rating alone and an in-depth review comes in handy.

What is RedMoonPie?

RedMoonPie is a one-stop blog, where you can find popular applications in-depth reviews and direct download link. The writers on the blog download and put an in-depth test to provide accurate information and hidden information. An Android or iOS app has features and CONS that we don’t find out about it until we try it, and that’s what you can find in the review.

RedMoonPie writers consume a lot of time in testing the functions and options for stability, and performance. The writers are professional, who take the necessary steps to inform the readers about the PROS and CONS. Millions of people are looking for in-depth reviews on, whether the application steals information and if there’s any privacy risk involved. The professional writers will list down privacy-related issues as well, and if they don’t mention it, then you can assume that there are none.

Currently, the Blog writing team focusing on providing app downloads and reviews. You got apps and app reviews separated in the menu, and you can access the content from the homepage as well.

Does RedMoonPie Provide Non-market APK Files?

Over the years, plenty of sites emerged that provide APK files, which are not related to the Google Playstore or Apple app store. Many privacy experts suggest that consumers should not seek a free version on the third-party and unverified sources because they are key for privacy invasion and identity theft.

At RedMoonPie, the management provides official download links on the Android market and iOS market, and they do not provide custom server download link.

As of now, Blog management is not planning to upload APK files on a secure server and then provide a secure download link. RedMoonPie team believes that the Google Playstore and iOS app store is a good source of safe download.

RedMoonPie Blog Security

I have come across millions of sites that contain adware, malware, virus, Trojans, etc in the name of free content. I recommend the internet consumers to enable or activate online security program to eliminate the threats.

The app review blog is no exception in my opinion, and I wanted to conduct an-depth security scan to ensure that it is safe from online threats. In our case, I am going to use Virus Total online tool & Site Check Tool, which connected to 70 different popular security programs.

  1. The Virus Total detected two threats from Bitdefender & Clean MX, which is a false positive. I don’t think, it’s something to worry about it because it is a common error made by the online security programs.

False Positive: wrongful detection.

Out 70 programs, 68 cleared RedMoonPie as secure, and I have already mentioned that Bitdefender & Clean MX falsely detected one of the root files as malware.

  1. Site Check – Sucuri detected nothing, which is as expected.

Even though Bitdefender call is an error, I implore the readers to enable online security program running real-time in the background all the time.

Bottom Line

You can find millions of blogs and portals, where you can read unique reviews about the apps, but finding unbiased reviews are difficult nowadays. RedMoonPie aims to provide unbiased reviews on the app or game reviews.

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