Remint: The Future of Real Estate Cryptocurrency that You can Mine on your Mobile

Ever heard of a real estate cryptocurrency mining app? Remint is a new cryptocurrency that you can mine from your phone. After the mining period ends, the app transforms into a real estate similar to Airbnb using Remint as the main currency. Users can easily mine the cryptocurrency from their mobile and join a growing global community of miners. As the community grows, the team will move towards the real estate updates, eventually making Remint go public on the market, and transforming the app into a real estate marketplace.

About Remint

Max Hellstrom and Anton Broman leveraged their banking and finance expertise to create this stunning app. Remint uses cloud-based mining, putting minimal load on battery, and generate value in an eco-friendly manner. The development of this app is set to occur in three phases. The first phase will focus on developing a user base and improving the app functionality while allowing users to mine coins at a higher rate. During phase two, the rate of mining will be lowered, as creators will begin developing real estate updates, allowing users to rent properties using Remint as the major currency.

In phase three, the users will be able to withdraw coins mined, or store them in the app as wallet. This phase will also mark the beginning of investing period, publishing the cryptocurrency in the main markets, and making it tradeable for the public.

The Initial Launch

The founder, Max Hellstrom was delighted to announce the news of successful launch as the app gained 500 new users in first twenty-four hours. He added that the users have started mining the coins and joining the growing base that will help them participate in new, cryptocurrency-based real estate market.

Remint App is a complete digital platform created around blockchain technology. The app is completely free to download from the PlayStore. It makes it possible for everyone to mine digital cryptocurrency with just a few taps on their mobile.

Using Remint

To start mining the coins, you need to download this app on your smartphones. Once the app has been installed, you can sign up entering your details.

Once you signup or login to the app, you will be taken directly to your profile page.

Click on ‘Global Chat’ to connect and talk with other miners using the app.

You can even refer your friends and if someone installs the app using your referral code, you get its benefits too. Do ensure that your referral enters the referral code while signing up.

You can even check the top referrers for the week. You also receive bonuses for signing up and mining coins on the app.

Start mining the coins with Remint app and book your profits.

Once the app is downloaded, you can access to the cryptocurrency wallet to check your virtual balance. You can store your profit mined in this digital wallet.

How Remint App Works?

Remint mobile cryptocurrency mining application allows users to manage and mine their cryptocurrency. A user can only access their wallet using a secure passcode. The wallet updates the balance automatically once you enter inside the app. The app’s system is updated every hour using the built-in-converter.

During phase 1 of this app, users will be able to mine 0.4 coins per hour as they are focusing on increasing the user base during first phase. The mining rate will decrease in phase 2 and phase 3 of the development of this app. The best thing about the app is that it allows users to use it as a trading currency in the real estate marketplace.

Features and Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly System: Mining cryptocurrency doesn’t require any extra battery power or power usage for mining.
  • Secure: The user wallets are secured and can only be accessed using a unique secret code.
  • Swift: Download the app and you can start trading within a minute.
  • Profitable: Providing 0.4 remint per hour, 288 remints a month. Can help you mine more and get more.

The Bottom Line

Remint is on its way of revolutionizing the real estate marketing by launching its cryptocurrency a mobile app. It will help the users to mine Remint and later rent houses/shops using Remint Cryptocurrency. The investment is minimal as you just require your smartphone. Try it today.

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