Starburst Slots Review

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Slot machines have come a long way from the basic, clunky mechanical monstrosities that made the casino a noisy place back in the day. Now, you’re more likely to play a video machine, or even better, a virtual slot game featuring sleek graphics and sound effects that can be turned off! They’re also more engaging and immersive, with less focus on matching symbols across three reels and more about unlocking bonus rounds, winning free spins and of course chasing the jackpot, which can sometimes be a life-changing amount of money.

From bigger jackpots to multiple paylines, players now have access to features that make games way more exciting, and more popular thanks to longer gameplay and the opportunity to win some serious cash.

If you like the sound of these exciting features, and are looking for a slot that has plenty to offer in terms of graphics and gameplay, then Starburst Slot is definitely worth checking out.

On first look, Starburst Slots is pretty eye-catching, with plenty of colour packed into the cosmic theme. Each reel symbol, made up by multicoloured gems, stars, lucky number 7s and even a disco-ball style sphere, really pop out from the screen, and differentiating between the scatter symbols needed to win and the reel fillers doesn’t take much attention.

How to play

Getting started with Starburst slots is pretty easy. All you need to do is to select the paylines you want to activate (remember, the more paylines in action, the more chances you have of winning) and then the number of coins you want to wager. The more coins you play on each spin will drastically increase the coin payout you get back, but if you aren’t lucky enough on some spins, then you may end up running out of funds quicker than you would playing with a lower wager.


We found that the choice of wager was too much at the top end (almost £100, but perfect for high rollers or those are feeling particularly lucky!), and not quite enough at the bottom end (1 x payline at 10p per spin isn’t going to pay for that holiday). Luckily, there’s loads of flexibility, and you can choose a payline / wager strategy that suits your budget.

Starburst Slots has 5 reels, and winning coins and free spins depends on how many scatter symbols you can link across the paylines you have in play. Linking up coloured gems and the multi-coloured Starburst symbols is the key to winning this slot game, and extra free spins as well as access to the bonus round are unlocked by linking up the lucky number 7s.

The real one to watch out for however is the Starburst Wild symbol. It only appears across reels 2, 3 and 4, and getting just one of them will activate the Starburst Wild feature. This locks the symbol(s) you already have in place, and lets you spin to see if you can get any more, for a maximum of 3 re-spins. If you manage to get one of these, then start getting excited, as this is where you can make some serious coin profit like the guys in the video below.

Our findings

After we spent a few hours (yes, it’s that good) playing Starburst slots, we found that we were getting the best hits from having more paylines in place, but with a lower wager. The game itself is pretty simple, so we were able to track which bets were paying off, and alter our slot strategy to reflect this. It was also nice to notice that we were actually getting coins back, and not just feeding a hungry machine that wasn’t giving anything out. This was thanks to the very generous Return to Player percentage of 96.1%, which dictates that you’ll eventually get 96.1% of what you put in back, unless of course you cut short once you’ve turned a profit.

We even tried the autospin feature out, which allowed us to pick a recurring wager, and keep on spinning until we hit the ‘stop’ button. This is handy is you’re using a strategy that involves periods of time playing the same coin wager and number of paylines, but be careful not to forget that autospin is playing if you want to save some of your coins for another game, or tweak your bets if you end up back at even funds.

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Keep an eye out for these symbols – they pay the most!

Overall, we realised that Starburst Slots will definitely keep even the most seasoned slot players coming back for more. Despite the simplicity of the game, there’s a huge variety of wilds and symbols that keep gameplay interesting, and the fact that you can increase and decrease you wagers on the fly is a really nice feature than can be a bit time consuming on other slots. There’s also the bonus Starburst Wilds feature, which ups the ante if you manage to unlock it.

Sadly, we didn’t hit the 50,000 coin jackpot, but at that figure, it certainly wanted to make us come back for it at another point. Because the jackpot is awarded randomly, you don’t need to slave away at the machine for hours on end, and you could end up hitting it with a single spin, a big bonus for players who only want to spend short amounts of time playing, but still fancy a pop at the big bucks.

Starburst Slots is the perfect game for mobile or tablet, and it’s so easy to pick and up and put down that you could even have a few spins watching the TV or on your break at work. The great graphics, exciting gameplay and of course the generous jackpot are all enough to keep players coming back for more!

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