Tech-Savvy Trucking

Smartphones are for millennials and truckers care about nothing more than the quality of their pie. Nothing could be further from the truth. At least concerning the first part. Truckers do still love their pies but they love their smartphones even more. A recent study showed that at least 90% of truckers carry a smartphone. And for a good reason; smartphone apps are driving up efficiency, increasing profitability and opening up new opportunities for the trucking business. In 2017, trucking management systems are estimated to generate over $5.41 billion in revenues. This figure alone might be the reason why some of the biggest companies are getting involved more and more with trucking-related apps and technologies.

One of the new apps that’s gaining popularity in the industry is HWY Pro. Developed by Bill Busbice Jr, a trucking entrepreneur, HWY Pro is an app built by truckers for truckers. It has everything a business owner would want from planning their trip all the way to invoicing and dispatching. Truckers can use apps like these to find the best available parking, the lowest-priced fuel, weigh stations status and even find freight.

Apps for the driver

When it comes to helping the truck driver, Trucker Path is one of the most popular apps on the market. Used by over 600,000 drivers, it connects drivers through an interactive map to share everything from where to park, where to fill up and the available weighing stations. Another app, CoPilot Truck, offers drivers offline GPS and warns about potential commercial vehicle restrictions. Do you need to plan a multi-stop trip? This app got you covered.

Apps for the freight and fleet

Freights, too, have their share of apps focused on handling freights. Doft is one of the apps quickly being adopted by truckers and business owners alike. It allows owners real-time access of trucks, tracking shipments through GPS and instant rate confirmation. All in one nifty app. But if you’re a field manager or a job-site supervisor and you want to know your fleet’s locations and actions, GTC FieldView is the app for you. With this app, you can monitor your fleet and find your assets with a touch of a button.

With technology invading the trucking business, the idea that there’s a trucker idling in a bar somewhere out of reach is no longer valid. Right now there’s an overwhelming number of smartphone apps in the market covering every aspect of the industry. Thanks to these apps, both driver and truck are now monitored around the clock. Saving both hours and deadhead miles, these apps ushered this old business into a new era.

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