How Smart Technology is Gradually Taking Over the Home

With so many people spending less and less time at home, the introduction of ‘smart technology’ has been a welcome convenience and people are signing up faster and faster every year. Many new home builders automatically install smart home technology set-ups as demand increases. The ability to check if a package has arrived or monitor the babysitter and even feed the dog has freed up more people for working, playing, and sadly, even commuting.

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This technology provides homeowners with a sense of security, comfort, and convenience and lets them control their home electronics or appliances from a smartphone or laptop, often from a remote location like work or school. Literally, anywhere their network spans.

Smart Has Gotten Smarter

It’s been decades since automatic thermostats were invented and following that, were home security systems, and then wireless speaker systems. It makes sense that companies would take advantage of the smart technology movement and max out its potential. But the new ‘smart’ technology still has some folks feeling a little like ‘big brother’ has moved in, especially with our devices constantly hearing our every move thanks to permission settings that usually come with such tech.

In addition to this, smart technology can easily be penetrated when not secured properlt. A study carried out by ESET estimated that at least 15% of home routers were unsecured with weak or default passwords making them easy targets.

Smart Technology Uses

Specialized detectors can alert you if carbon or smoke has reached its sensors and gives you time to alert emergency crews or people in the home – some tech will soon be able to alert emergency services automatically .

Forgot your keys? Well, in smart homes you unlock your front door by tapping your phone. You can even do it from your own driveway before you have an arm full of groceries or even kids.

Using smart technology to turn indoor and outdoor lights off remotely is a major convenience for parents who want to turn lights on for the kids after school or to guide people to your home. It’s also pretty cool when you can trigger mood lighting in your living room with a quick “Hey Google”. You can even hook it up to your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.

You can even program smart home technology to start or stop the washer and dryer, defrost something in the microwave, and start the oven for dinner.

Smart home technology can even help alert you about things that you would not even suspect, like water and electricity usage, making us more energy efficient.

Smart home technology isn’t just for security and convenience, either. It can enhance the livability of your home by instantly changing the air in the room.

There are even smart air fresheners, if you fancy a change from traditional or powder air fresheners and diffusers. You can literally put the power of fragrance in the palm of your hand, customizing the fragrance for say, a party, a family gathering, or even a holiday event. Scenting the air with sprays and plug-ins is not environmentally conscious or safe for people with compromised health issues. Canned air sprays contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, solvents, and benzenes. Plug-ins can be a hazard to pets and small children, yet the smart fresheners/diffusers deliver clean odor-removing and aroma-improving scents that are harmless.

Additionally, you can select from a variety of pre-made scents or customize a blend of your own! Now the kitchen can smell like gingerbread cookies, and you didn’t even have to bake!

Thinking of introducing some smart tech to your home? We came up with a list of 5 ways to make your house a smart home either by yourself or with the help of the pro’s – check it out!

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