SE Ranking Review | Are They Reliable ? A Useless Pathetic Tool Ever Created To Loot Your Money

SE Ranking Review 2018 : The Worst Ever SEO Created Till Now, Stay Away People

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the vital aspects every webmaster or internet marketer needs to excel in for ranking a site at top positions on most of the search engines. Keyword tracking is one of the indispensable elements of SEO. You can’t neglect it. But tracking the right set of keywords manually might seem to be a difficult task. SE Ranking is one of such SEO tool.

About SE Ranking


• Too complicated, even for pros out there, you need to spend a lot of time in figuring the features.

• There are many hidden charges, like $0.015- $1 and you need to hover this “Backlinks explorer” word to see the extra charges. Also hover your mouse over this “Keyword grouping” to see even more hidden charges

• Hefty price with very bad customer support.

• What we saw in one of their pages its written like ” 100% ACCURATE WEBSITE RANKING SYSTEM”

As per meaning of Accuracythe degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the correct value or a standard.

So our question is, to which tool/service you are comparing your accuracy ?


• SE Ranking has its own keyword suggestion tool.

• Free trial is offered, which we think is good.

• Offers a well-oriented marketing guide for every added website.

• All crucial SEO features and tools are on the same platform – no need to purchase tools separately from different vendors.

Answer to the questions that you see in the heading

  • To some extend you can rely them.
  • Its not at all worth your time nor money
  • Dumbest replies, useless replies to your questions from their clueless support agents

If you don’t believe us just use PayPal for payment and sue SE Ranking if they denied your refund request.

Final thought

Now its all upto you whether to choose this service or not ?

If you ask us, don’t choose it because a free analytics tool like StatCounter/Piwik (Piwik is open source one) can precisely give you drill down data of your traffic and keyword.

  • Overall

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  1. 1

    bit harsh giving it one star

    we use this daily with no issues

    it looks great and works great

    yes you have to pay extra for extra features but if you don’t need them you don’t use them.

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