Why Both a Hardware and a Software Firewall are Necessary

How can you prevent outsiders from accessing your systems (and sensitive data)? A firewall is a quickest and most convenient method of accessing the Internet. In other words, how does a firewall operate? Protecting your private information while yet allowing you to communicate with the outside world is the primary goal of computer firewalls. How can you prevent outsiders from accessing your systems? Through a firewall is the most convenient method. How does a firewall function? Firewalls protect your private systems from intruders while still allowing you to connect to the Internet and communicate with the rest of the world over it.

What is the purpose of a firewall?

Port numbers and applications are used to control data traffic in a software firewall. In some cases, your firewall may prevent programs from accessing the Internet and/or blocking access to ports.

For instance, Port 80 is connection of Internet. In order to access the Internet, you must leave outgoing Port 80 open. It’s entirely different if you leave Port 80 open. Port 80 can be accessed by anyone if it is left open.

A software-only firewall has the drawback of requiring ongoing training and maintenance to detect threats. Until you tell it otherwise, your firewall will block any new or updated programs that you install or update. Besides that, it solely protects the device on which it has been installed. What it’s designed to do. An efficient firewall relies on a user’s knowledge of which programs and applications should be allowed, and which should not.

In addition, software firewalls are only a portion of the protection you need. The hardware firewall is required on all networks, regardless of size. Between your business network and the Internet and guest wireless networks, a hardware firewall is installed. In the context of defending our internal network and systems, this is referred to as a “perimeter firewall.” Additionally, it safeguards network devices such as medical equipment, printers, and telephone systems that do not come equipped with a built-in software firewall.

What’s the point of having both a physical and a virtual firewall?

There are two types of firewalls: one that protects you from the outside world and one that protects a specific device from other inside systems, which are distinct.

When someone tries to get into your network from the outside, your physical firewall will stop them. The other computers in your corporate network may be protected from infection by a software firewall if you unintentionally open a virus-infected email that’s already in your system.

How to Select the Appropriate Hardware Firewall for Your Business

Application Visibility & Management


Port-based firewalls are limited in their ability to govern and monitor programs and end-users on your network. Even while you don’t want your entire staff accessing programs like Facebook and YouTube, what about your marketing team or teachers who need to stream a video for an individual lesson?

Allowing only people with relevant employment to access the applications can be done with the right firewall in place. What about customers like hotel visitors or patients if your organization is a hospital? It is possible for various end-users to have different policies that prevent them from using particular applications.

Protecting Oneself from Danger

Were you aware the programs and users that are accessing your network are not visible to your port-based firewall? If the firewall can’t see the devices or applications being used, how can it secure your network and your end-users? This is a huge problem today with data breaches.

Using a Sangfor next-generation firewall, you can monitor and regulate all of your wireless network’s apps and important data. Your network’s traffic and security threats can be reduced by restricting access to only approved applications. It’s also possible to run a scan on these apps to make sure they’re safe. As a bonus, the firewall can also reduce bandwidth consumption, which can improve your overall wifi performance.

Gigabit Throughput Is Legitimate

If all of the services like malware are switched on, the throughput can be reduced by a third using port-based firewalls. One gigabit of throughput is as advertised with next-generation firewalls, and this is true even when ALL services are enabled.

In this case, it’s about your devices, not your Internet Protocol (IP). Modern firewalls can be compared to phone directories. Your next-generation firewall can find a device by user name instead of searching for a user by IP address. Because you know exactly how many devices each employee has, you can wipe them clean if they cause a breach by finding their devices and wiping them clean from the network.

Remote Users

From a business perspective, it is imperative that employees have access to your internal network and apps no matter where they are.

They should be able to work wherever they are, whether it’s at home, the library, a coworking space, or even Starbucks. Outside of the hospital, school grounds, warehouse, or institution, the firewall should enforce the same regulations and procedures. This ensures that all traffic entering and leaving your internal server is devoid of malicious code.

Infrastructure for Streamlining Security

In many cases, purchasing additional security components (appliances) in the hope that they will solve your security concerns is a waste of money and time. The more components you include, the more time and effort it takes to maintain and upgrade the system, which in turn reduces your productivity.


Finally, the cost of a firewall is always a consideration when deciding which one to buy. It’s vital to consider not simply the price but how it will fit into your financial plan.

If you wait until something goes wrong before purchasing something, you may not recognise the harm in doing so. In the event that your data is compromised, it could cost you more than simply money. If you’re concerned about the cost of a significant network security breach, or the lower efficiency you’ll experience if you have poor wifi performance owing to an old or insufficient firewall, modern firewalls are more affordable than you may believe.

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