5 Recent Trends in Virtual Events

A lot of things changed in the last year, including the fact that for a long period of time, people didn’t know whether we will get to meet in person again. Hence, many transformative processes started in so many domains. One that meets a growing trend, is the one of event organization, an economic sector that moved almost entirely online.

The current restrictions and social distancing rules made the whole business of planning a group event really difficult and at times, almost impossible to realize.

Here are 5 trends in virtual events that changed the landscape of organizing events:

1.Social Media and Zoom Became The Main Communication Channels And Hosting Medium

On one hand, everyone was relieved to turn their lifestyles around and do most of their meetings online, with less effort involved and not so much running around going on. The traffic became non-existent in some areas of the country, people were happy at first to have more time for their household activities.

Unfortunately, more and more time became dedicated to establishing online meetings, and channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom were flooded with participants.

2. More Interactivity Than Ever!

As more and more activities moved in the online sphere, people demanded that they are able to do more while staying indoors, and this is why a VR headset became appealing to a large number of internet users. Nowadays consumers are not happy with just watching an online show, but also request that they are able to play a game, have an interaction of some sort with the characters of a show, cartoon, or online game. This is especially appealing for children and teenagers.

That’s where virtual reality comes into play and now there is more than you can imagine to any new video game launched on the market. You can play it on a classic console or use a VR headset and become a character in a virtual decor that you can directly immerse yourself into. Impressive!

3. Travel And Tourism (Experience Destinations Before Booking)

What is new in the tourism industry is that now you can take a walk in your future trip destination thanks to the VR technology and experience how you will feel in your following adventure. If you plan a cool trip abroad, you can first see the surrounding with a virtual tour. This option might become available for more and more travel agencies.

4. Webinars Took The Place Of Traditional Classes

While there was a growing number of online courses, especially for people who already have a degree and simply want to perfect their skills, during the Covid pandemic, the whole academic world made a turn to the online environment and now there are entire generations of students graduating from online courses.

5. User-Generated Content Became Mainstream

Although since the beginning of the internet era we had forums such as Youtube, Instagram, 9gag, Reddit, and other platforms where users would post their content, now there’s a growing trend in sharing and uploading thousands of funny sketches and other types of entertaining materials on other platforms as well.

This 5th current trend shows that the ongoing digitalization process will gradually absorb all the offline happenings and convert them to material that is easy to digest by any participant at a live streaming show with a steady internet connection.

The Bottom Line

Virtual events, a trend born in the Covid pandemic crisis is one of the main switches that took place in the event organizing industry and it seems that is here to stay. If you want extra tips for promoting a virtual event visit this page and find useful information on organizing things online.

It’s so easy to take part in important events from the comfort of your couch that more and more attendees opt for these online events. Whether we talk about online classes, webinars, or coaching sessions, medical consultations, there are limitless options when it comes to hosting an event online. You can learn, date, schedule your agenda or talk to your friends.


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