Know Network Attached Storage (NAS), Its Corruptions And Solution

At the mention of storing data, the small business owners find themselves facing certain issues, like requiring a data storage solution which is:

• Less in cost
• Very simple in operation (as most of the small business owners do not have sufficient IT support staff to undertake the operational tasks)
• Capable enough to grow together with the changing storage demands

This is exactly where the “Network Attached Storage” i.e. the NAS storage solutions come into picture.

Network A S

NAS Definition

NAS is the abbreviated form for Network-attached storage. It is basically a computer’s file-level data storing server, which is connected to a network of the computer giving appropriate access to the data together to a heterogeneous group of different clients.

NAS Features

• NAS is faster
• NAS is low cost
• Network-attached space specializes in serving files either through the hardware or the software or simply through the configuration
• A NAS space device connects to a network, allowing data space as well as data retrieval from a centralized location for authorized users of that network as well as the heterogeneous clients
• NAS space solutions are very much flexible and scalable too, means that when the user needs additional data storage space, he/she can easily add more to the existing one
• A Network-attached space is more or less like having some private cloud at your workplace
• NAS gives nearly all the benefits enjoyed in a public cloud onsite, thus, it gives you a kind of complete control

NAS Benefits for Small Business Owners

It is somewhat perfect for small business owners as it is:

• Very easy to operate
• You do not need a dedicated IT team for its execution
• Less in cost
• Simple to use for backing the data, so it is accessible always whenever you require it
• Apt for centralizing data storage in a quite safe as well as much reliable manner

NAS Storage for Home Use

In the homes, it is often used for the data storage, automated backups and for serving the multimedia files. Various smart homes are now relying on Network-attached NAS Home Storage for providing a kind of centralized storage for their security systems, smart TVs as well as for other IoT (Internet of Things) components in the homes.

NAS Storage Enclosure

A NAS storage enclosure is basically a typical storage device which gives HDD or hard disk drive capacity to the devices that are all connected to some network. These type space enclosures can also be used in homes but are more popular among the SMEs as they provide much flexibility to the users for choosing the drives types that can be added to that enclosure. Once the NAS enclosure is populated with these drives, it gives a centralized and shared storage to all the users on that particular network. Now, instead of storing files on their PCs, the end-users can easily store them in a centralized way.

NAS at Enterprise level

In the small enterprises, the data storage is rather more of in a scattered fashion, and thus they suffer from many complexities, as follows:

• Data goes out of sync
• Reliability issues when the storage goes down
• Accessibility issues when the storage goes down
• Delays in answering to various customer queries, service requests and different sales enquiries

These solutions can easily mend these issues, as these devices can be easily utilized for data backups, which help in data safety; data retrievals are easy and at your fingertips whenever you are in need of it

Advantages of NAS at Enterprise level
• Increased customer service
• Accelerated sales cycles
• Raised and extended reach/achievement of joint projects
• Available for businesses of any size
• Continual accessibility of data
• Easy collaboration for employees
• Responses to clients are done timely
• Prompt sales follow ups
• Prompt addressing of issues
• All information resting in one location
• Data can be remotely accessed
• Employees can work anytime, anywhere
• Improved efficiency
• Lowered cost
• More reliable
• Much more centralized

Reasons of NAS Corruption (Data Lost)

• Virus attack on these types of space
• Power failure
• Hardware failure
• Bad programming
• Improper shutdowns

Solution to Recover Lost Data from Network Attached Storage

There are some third party software available in online market to recover lost and corrupted data from Network Attached Storage (NAS).  Advanced Data Recovery Softwareis authorized to recover lost data from Network Attached Devices without facing difficulties.

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