Best Top Free Weather Apps For Android

You can find plenty of Weather apps for Android on Play Store and most of them are coming from reputed developers. In this tutorial, I am going to introduce 5 Weather apps that can replace your current solution, and also provide inbuilt weather checking feature that you did not know about it. I will include reputed developer launched apps only, and avoid third-party solutions. I’m not rating any application in any ranking order, and feel free to download one of them for an immersive experience.

1. Google

Every Android phone has a Google app pre-installed in the device and that’s the reason why Google developed Android in the first place to secure their future. The search engine has inbuilt weather service available in the Google app and you can use it to find accurate weather in your region. Of course, it isn’t a dedicated feature and you have to type and search for every time. If you have connected your account with the app, then you don’t have to worry about re-typing it next time and it will be automated in the search history.

In the snapshot that I have shared displays information about current weather status and what it’s like going to be later on. The Search Engine does offer in-depth information, but I would use Google app as it is the fastest way, and requires no additional source.

Download Google

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is a popular weather service that is around for nearly 5 decades and providing weather forecasting services worldwide. The American forecasting company has uploaded an Android app available for free to download.

You can set different locations and check the weather accordingly. In the statistics, you can find information related to Temperature, Humidity, UV Index, and Wind speed. The information provided by the AccuWeather accurate or closer to accurate, so you don’t have to worry about unreliability. There is a dedicated window in the app that provides news related to the weather, which is a good thing. You can monitor the status of the weather based on Live, Hourly, Daily, Radar, and News.

Download AccuWeather

3. Yahoo Weather

I always loved Yahoo Weather forecast in the search engine and they brought the service in the smartphone platform. Yahoo has a dedicated weather forecast service that enables the average people to check out the weather today. The background does not explain the forecast and is for presentational only. You can monitor the current status of the weather that includes Location, Time, Temperature (in degrees), Humidity, Visibility, UV Index, Map, Wind speed, Pressure, and more.

Yahoo did not miss out on important information and in-depth information for fanatics. The service is free and the Android app is free-to-use, and I haven’t seen any advertisements, which is another good thing about the forecast system.

4. Yandex Weather

Yandex is a popular search engine company based in Russia. The search engine provides weather forecasting system for the visitors, and they enable the visitors to monitor the weather to avoid getting plans foiled. I was a bit worried that it might not support multiple regions, but that wasn’t the case.

In the display, I found weather information that included Temperature, Wind speed, Wind pressure, Days, and more. It’s not the most user-friendly service that I have listed here, but Yandex Weather adds temperature information to the top of the notification bar. The service doesn’t consume CPU + RAM + Battery resources in the background, which makes it an interesting app for me.

Download Yandex Weather

5. Weather by Saevio

Saevio is the developer’s name and launched the Weather app for the Android platform. I do not add random apps in the list, but I found Saevio Weather forecast interesting because it is straightforward, lightweight, and provides accurate or approximate information.

You have a graph that provides 48-hours of weather forecast ahead of your time, which is essential for people, who are making plans for tomorrow or day-after-tomorrow. Review 10-days weather forecast in one tap and view detailed reports to plan for upcoming occasions. Saevio Weather has a notification system, but they only report important and severe category weather changes only, and avoid simple alerts.

Bottom Line

I have laid down 5 best weather apps that will change your business life forever. You can plan for upcoming occasions and don’t have to worry about bad weather. Even I don’t have to worry about traveling every day to the office and avoid heavy rains. Let us know which app are you using to monitor the weather in the comment section below.

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