9 Best Apps for Students to Get Through a Day of School Efficiently

Every student acquires new knowledge much simpler and more comfortable with a wise approach to the choice of assistant applications. Now you don’t need to carry a bunch of textbooks and pore over cribsheets at night. It is enough to download these programs to the smartphone. Everything will fit into your head in an accessible form. But there are so many apps that your eyes run wide. You don’t know where to start.

To prevent you from drowning in a sea of information, we selected only the best applications for students.


· Microsoft OneNote

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Write your notes and organize your ideas with OneNote. Complete information in notebooks, breaking it into sections and pages. Simple search and navigation tools help you quickly find the notes you need. For example, type “Do I have to pay someone?” “Do my essay” or “Essay Bulls,” and you will see the files that you saved earlier. Analyze your notes and add handwriting types, highlights, and paste more info from lessons to them.

Start to use for free on App Store and Google Play.


  • Timetable

You can save your schedule and all tasks, starting with homework and ending with exams. All this you need to enter only once; then, Timetable synchronizes between all your Android devices. Do you often forget to turn off the sound? No problem. The application can put your device into silent mode during classes.

You can find it on Google Play.

  • Class Timetable

This service provides a new generation of online planners. Free up space in your backpack by downloading Class Timetable. The schedule is suitable for students in schools, colleges, and universities. It will help you to never be late for lessons and plan your affairs. The application already has 5 million downloads and offers you a convenient, pleasant interface, schedules for several weeks, and much more.

Available on App Store and Google Play.


  • Wolfram Alpha

This app is a tool for solving complex problems. Wolfram Alpha is useful for high school students, especially in schools with an in-depth study of mathematics or physics. With this service, a techie student will be ready for both university and work. The application is impressive in combining subjects you can search the answers for on web and computer systems, geography, culture and media, weather, astronomy, engineering, and a lot more.

Download it on App Store and Google Play.

  • Socratic

Do you have difficulties with homework? Ask questions in Socratic and get quick and clear answers from other members of the community. Socratic conveniently divides items into school subjects: mathematics, algebra, geometry, English language and literature, history, physics, chemistry, geography, social studies, and so on.

Do you want to ask a new question? Use the archive search! Most likely, your question already has a detailed and verified answer!

Start to use for free on App Store and Google Play.


  • Duolingo

The best helper for learning new languages is the Duolingo app. Find out about more than 20 languages and start studying now. The app includes a game system of learning for you to enjoy it even more! If you have incorrect answers, you lose your hearts, and when you pass a small lesson, you move forward. Shiny trophies mark the stages of your progress. With a bright and attractive design, you will fall in love with learning new languages.

Install it on App Store and Google Play.

  • Daily Art

Expand your frame of mind and find out more about worldwide art. It is easy to visit galleries all around the world, just opening this app on your phone.

Explore thousands of masterpieces of the most significant artists in history. You will become a real expert among your classmates and learn the differences between the works of Manet and Monet.

Visit the museum on App Store and Google Play.

Quizzes and Entertainment

  • Kahoot!

Be an initiator of the most fabulous brainstorm in your class. Unleash the fun of learning with the new application Kahoot. Pick up the subject you want to pass and start the quiz right now! For example, pick up the right ingredients for a special kind of salad, or guess the dog’s breed. Participate in the challenges of other users and even create your quiz: this and much more fun you can find on App Store and Google Play.

  • Elevate

This app introduces real brain training into your life. The main base of games is quizzes and exercises. Dive into this exciting trip to broaden your horizons of knowledge. The movable interface animations in Elevate will enchant any user. Try it yourself on App Store and Google Play.

Every student has a smartphone today. We hope that our advice helps you not waste time at school. When your classmates are forever digging in their phones, advise them of applications that will be not only interesting but also useful.

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