Best Simple Intermittent Fasting App | Simple: A Fasting Timer and Meal Tracker App Review

Simple fasting and meal tracker application is the easiest way to keep a track of your eating habits and get personalized demonstration. It is popularized by the celebrities like Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. The method of healthy eating and personalization is adopted by this institution. Intermittent fasting makes your body control weight and reinstate normal processes in the body. Let us learn more about this application.

The Setup

Download and install ‘Simple’ from Google PlayStore on your device. If you are an Apple user don’t worry they have an app for iOS users too and here is the download link. Their official website.

Once the app has been installed on your smartphone, you can start controlling your weight and reinstate the normal processes in your body. Shorter fasting periods might result in weight loss, improved metabolism and will also reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.

You should remember that it is not a diet, fad weight loss method or a quick fix for a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t tell you what to eat but asks you to eat within a specific time window every day. It is a simple lifestyle change that might jump-start weight loss and better health enabling the metabolic system to work in a way it is designed to.

Sign up to the app and fill in your personal details to setup your profile.

While creating your profile, it will ask you about a lot of personal questions regarding your meal and eating routine. Do not hesitate to answer to it. You may be asked to tell about your last meal timings and fasting time as well.

Track when you feed yourself

You can easily track what type of food you feed yourself to give the application an idea that whether you are on a right track or not.

To track your food intake timing, you can click on the ‘+’ icon.

People are usually deterred from trying it because they think it is difficult to maintain a schedule and they are not aware how to start. That’s where a meal tracker come to their rescue. You don’t have to know anything about fasting as Simple app is not just a fasting tracker, it provides you health, weight loss and cognitive power instead.

Simple adjusts your customized fasting program and teach you what it is, gives you a lot of different content, lifehacks, and advice on calculating fasting time mindfully and in an easy way.

You also get customized guidance, expert advice, true motivation and healthy life hacks from experts that help you succeed. The app keeps track of your eating habits helping you adjust your customized intermittent fasting program as required. The app provides you with personalized guidance on how to get the most out of the intermittent fasting.

Tops Features of Simple App

  • You get customized tips and hacks delivered daily.
  • The app smartly tracks your fasting and meal timings.
  • You can start/end your fasts with just a single click and setup the fasting reminders.
  • It offers a step-by-step guide to intermittent fasting.
  • It offers easy-to-use meal journal for mindful eating.

Fasting Protocols in Simple App

  • 16-Hour (16:8 fasting timer), 18:6, 20:4, 14:10, 5:2
  • One meal a day (OMAD)
  • Circadian Rhythm Fasting

The Bottom Line

Simple is an ultimate meal tracker and fasting application that acts as your personal assistance and delivers insights. Intermittent fasting gives your body time to rest and recover after extensive work of digestion. This is the time when all amazing health benefits kick in. Its intelligent meal tracker guides you each day telling you when to fast and when to it. It adapts to your lifestyle and adjust your fasting time based on your behavior. Try this app today!

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