iPhone vs Android: Which is Better for Gaming?

Over the past decade, the smartphone market has grown tremendously, thanks to advancements in technology. That has prompted game publishers to create thousands of smartphone games for both android and iOS devices. However, most mobile gamers are still wondering which smartphone to buy for gaming and installing betting apps like Betway.

The Short Answer:

When it comes to mobile gaming, neither the iOS nor the Android system is necessarily better than the other. These two operating systems both have areas they excel, with some shortcomings in other areas. As such, the question of which operating system is better than the other depends entirely on the user’s preference and need.

Let’s explain!

IOS users get Games First

Most game developers release their titles at least a week or months early in Apple’s app store before making them available on the Play Store. That’s because it’s easier to develop games for iOS users compared to Android since the OS versions are few. Additionally, most android users don’t bother upgrading to the latest versions, meaning that developers have to invest in availing the games in different android versions.

Game developers are also inclined to finish iOS versions of their games first, considering that iPhone users spend more money on games compared to their android counterparts. That’s because money is a major driving force for most developers.

Game Quality

Whether you like wagering on the Betway app or playing arcade games on your phone, it’s always enjoyable to have access to high-quality games.Fortunately, this mobile wagering app gives you thousands of local and international markets in a simple design with a streamlined backend to load at lightning speeds. Even better, it features push notifications for upcoming fixtures and promos. You can access the Betway app on both Android and iOS, getting access to thousands of casino games and sports betting markets. They have a generous welcome bonus, and their app is highly responsive.

In terms of game quality, the Apple app store is very cautious about the apps on its platform, deleting any apps that don’t meet their quality assurance test. On the other hand, the play store is like a dumpsite for all kinds of useless games. Nonetheless, both platforms have premium games that run smoothly on your mobile phone.

Gaming Restrictions

Once in a while, Apple introduces new laws that lead to thousands of old applications being wiped out. As such, you might be enjoying your favorite game on your iPhone, only to find out that Apple no longer supports it. In contrast, Google rarely interferes with gaming applications in their store unless there’s a global outcry over some serious issues. As such, you can be sure that you’ll have access to your favorite game until the developer decides to discontinue it.

Reliable User Experience

When it comes to the user experience, iPhones boast of fewer OS-related issues while playing games compared to Android. However, you can hardly note the difference when the leading publishers in the industry develop the game. However, you may experience a few glitches on Android, especially when a small-time developer creates the game.

Game Affordability

Several years ago, playing mobile games on Android was the best option for gamers who didn’t have the cash to buy games. That has all changed since both Apple and Google are currently charging customers for some games. However, the google play store has more free games compared to the app store. That means you’ll find more variety of free games on Android than on iOS.

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