Bitcoin to Dogecoin: The Rise and the Challenges Ahead for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ETH and Dogecoin seemed to have gone all-time in popularity as per the predictions of a few investors and experts earlier. However, there seems to be some fury among a few investors of late as they feel that it may not last long. They feel that the mania is going to get hampered, though, as many saw the plight of GameStop Corp as well this year. But with Tesla chief Elon still playing with Bitcoin, many experts still feel optimistic about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Meanwhile, we still have seen people spending time and money in digital currencies despite seeing their businesses getting affected day in and day out during the Pandemic. Also, suppose you look at how digital currencies like Bitcoin and others have performed over cryptocurrency-based exchanges like Coinbase. In that case, people further feel that it is certainly going to feel that kind of rally.

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Beyond Bitcoin 


The craze one can see in NFTs or during the non-fungible tokens seemed to have burst the activity on digital coins like ETH, which is also a blockchain-based coin apart from mostly being backed by the NFTs. ETH, therefore can be called an internal kind of currency seen on the platform. Most of the NFTs are like bitcoin tokens connected to any kind of digital work and some other real-world items that are being sold like any unique kind of digital asset. Now, let’s understand how things have been moving ahead in the market and how social media has promoted digital currencies. Get more about it at weed profit system


Social Media and Digital Currency 


All these years when we have seen the growth of individual kinds of investors in a big way. All thanks to social media, these investors have used these platforms to connect. That somewhere helped in soaring the asset prices, while no movement in the digital currency markets that come along with some kind of meme power has given rise to coins like ETH and Dogecoin in particular. DG came into existence just in the form of a joke, and it has soared its popularity to an incredible 100K percent this year by the end of this week. Too good to believe as one can see the total market value of DG soaring to around 80 Billion USD as of 2021, reaching earlier this month by not less than 600 Million USD, perhaps by the end of 2021. It gained attention when a joke was cracked on a digital coin dragging Musk and Snoop Dogg, the known rapper, and others. This turned big on social media. At the same time, some trends suggest many day-long traders that have inspired many new buyers when it comes to entering the fray, along with the pushing goal to 1 USD.


We now see several new traders being targeted to buy some fray when creating a goal that has created a good buzz around the media.  The creators of the digital coin seemed to have embarked upon a meaningful value. Several traders were seen speculating when it comes to climbing over the social media momentum. That seemed to have left the investors in a vulnerable position when it comes to the losses and higher price swings while creating new hype before it dies down. One can see a wild swing in the DG despite the warning added to the bitcoin investors.


The wild swing of Dogecoin can be called the bitcoin investors, too. In contrast, the first backers point of digital currency point of backers used as a utility in any inflation hedge or seen as a value store. It seems to come along with a long history that has pushed things forward to gain momentum. If we see the circulation value, it emerges among the seven digital currencies. However, bitcoin bulls are coming along with widening the gap like some institutional investors over the key-driven over the rally. Thus it would be fair to say that the rise and fall of digital currency is a roller coaster game.

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