7 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know

When you are at college, keeping up with your studies, social life, hobbies, and sleep is hard, so it’s important to make sure that you use your time efficiently and take advantage of every resource available to you. Now the internet is full of great websites you can use to study more effectively. For example, lots of students take advantage of the possibility of buying cheap custom research papers online when they are stuck with their own project or have problems with time management. In fact, there are plenty of resources where you can order an essay, buy a term paper, or even purchase a thesis. When buying essay papers written by a pro, you will be able to use it as a source of interesting ideas or a model for your own writing and avoid plagiarism.

Besides, there are plenty of new and old sites that will help you study smarter, develop your creativity, and increase your productivity. Here are 7 amazingly helpful websites that will make your student life easier.

  • EdX offers more than 2,000 free online interactive courses from more than 140 leading educational institutions worldwide, for example, MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley University of Carolina, etc. Topics include science, medicine, philosophy, computer science, chemistry, business, biology, law, business, humanities, and more. The platform’s mission is to give access to high-quality education for everyone everywhere.

  • Amazon Textbooks  allows a student to save money by purchasing cheap new and textbooks. You can also trade your used books on this platform and have more money for other important things in your life. You can find used and new textbooks in practically any subject starting from engineering, law, business, finance, arts, accounting, nursing, and more.

  • Sleepyti.me is a useful site that will help you go to bed at the right time and feel refreshed and energetic when you wake up in the morning. The site uses the science of REM sleep cycles to calculate the best time you should go to bed if you are planning to wake up at a specific time. You only have to enter the time you would like to wake up, and you will get 4 suggestions of when you should go to bed.

  • Copyscape offers a great opportunity to check all your writings for plagiarism. When you write your college essays and papers, you always use multiple sources to find ideas for your argument, evidence, and examples. That’s why it’s important to check your papers and ensure that your content is original. Copyscape allows everyone to check texts for plagiarism against online sources for a small fee.

  • “Written? Kitten!” will help you stay motivated and overcome the writers’ block when you write your boring lengthy college assignments. You can set a target word count starting with 100 words, and when you complete it, you will be shown adorable pictures of the cutest cats! And what can be more motivating than cat pictures for a person who loves cats?
  • MIT Video is an online learning platform where you can find a stunning collection of more than 10,000 lectures, talks, and presentations on a wide range of subjects, including machine learning, engineering, aerospace, business management, mathematics, social sciences, biotechnology, administration, AI, and more. There are complete courses for independent learners, and you can watch those videos and gain new knowledge at your own pace.

  • Bibme is a useful online tool that can help you automatically generate source citations and bibliographies for your academic papers according to MLA, APA, and Chicago. You can add a bibliography and accurate citations directly to your college paper and save a lot of time.

You can also search for books and other sources and learn the fundamentals of citation styles using online practical guides.

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