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I want to travel entire world at least once in a lifetime, and I would love to have myself in the presence of historical destinations. Recently, I have realized that there are several destinations around me, which are popular and have embracing history connected to it. Exploring the history around sounds innovative and it makes me feel good at the same time.

What is AudioGuides.Me?

I had the honor of reviewing the AudioGuides.Me, which is an innovative application by Sirko developer. AudioGuides.Me is a web application, Android app and iOS application that provides history lessons. They have implemented technology in an innovative way, which explains history on our portable device.

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Basically, AudioGuides provides audio history lessons, and it utilizes GPS or location tracker, when you are traveling, it will talk about the historical events happened in your surroundings. I recently found out that orphanage located in front of my house is a King Palace of our region in the past and it was dedicated to Queen Victoria of England.

What makes this innovative service worthy of your attention? I’m going to list down the number of features & functions available on the platform, and it might pique your interest.

1. Locations

The innovation requires great amount of support, and the start-up company was able to get eleven for starters. Of course, it is not available all over the world and they might add further locations in future. As of now, eleven popular locations were added as part of the first phase, and they are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Kharkiv, Kyiv, London, New York, Paris, Rome, Prague, and Sav Francisco. In the near future, the dedicated team will add more locations related to it.

2. Audio & Language

The History explained by a robotic voiced narrator in English USA language. I did listen to the audio, and they explain it simpler words, which is a good factor. An inbuilt player enables the listeners control the tracks and I will demonstrate the entire process later on. I want to clarify that there are no alternative languages and the primary language used is English.

3. 100% Free

During my testing, I did not find advertisements such as Display ads, Pop-up ads, and Video advertisements. I haven’t seen limitations added in the application or service as a whole. The application provides all features without limitations, and you can access them without signing up or logging in to the account.

4. User-friendly Interface

I consider user-interface an important aspect because I do not spend plenty of time learning a program or application controls. Time is precious, and I prefer an easy user-interface that saves me time.

Step 1: Launch the application and tap to select the city.

Step 2: The application suggests, whether you want to download the track in bulk or manually.

Step 3: It consumes a few moments, the track will be saved in the local storage.

Step 4: Based on the selected location, the number of history tracks will be downloaded in the local storage, and you can view them in the dashboard.

Step 5: Select one place of History and then tap on media player button to begin listening to History in the English language.

In the player, you got duration, play/pause button, replay, and stop button. The interface remains the same on iOS and web application, and the snapshots taken from an Android phone. I’m extremely impressed by the interface because it is a lightweight application and easy-to-use.

How about web application?

Step 1: Visit the official website AudioGuides.Me and type the location or select from the given location.

Step 2: In the dashboard, you find the given location, and then click on the desired history lesson.

Step 3: Click on the play button and it will begin playing the audio in English.

I have tested the web application Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. The web application developer did not optimize the web-application for Firefox, and I have experienced layout distortion.

Bottom Line

AudioGuides.Me is available on Android & iOS platform for free-of-cost. The start-up company planning to add more locations in near future, so stay tuned for it and support the cause. Let us know what do you think about the AudioGuides.Me in the comment section below.

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