Web development essentials: must-have features for Your 2024 website

Entrepreneurs should be aware of how important a well-designed, user-friendly and functional website is to the overall success of their business. A company website is a powerful digital marketing tool that lends credibility to businesses by allowing potential customers to learn about their profiles, services and case studies. It is also a place for customer reviews, and with the expertise of SEO specialists, it can attract a target audience. However, simply setting up a website without effective design and further maintenance will not lead to success. What are the must-have features for the website of 2024?

Start with the design

In 2024, the trend of the UX-oriented approach continues, with user experience design at the forefront. The website needs to be user-friendly and intuitive if website owners want to retain visitors long enough for them to make a purchase or opt for a service. Users need the navigation bar, headers and headlines to keep the audience engaged and satisfied with the first visit.

Secondly, the trend today is to use the internet on mobile devices rather than desktop computers, which means that more than 60% of users demand that your website is designed for mobile use.

It goes without saying that first impressions count and the design of your website has a huge impact on visitor satisfaction. The first design trend is the use of black and white gradients and CTAs in bright colours. They can also be used in the background.

Another important element is oversized text, which is used for the headlines or the most important messages. It provides a minimalist style, with the eye-catching elements of your choice. The website must be accessible to everyone, despite any disabilities. The dark mode option for smartphones or tablets is appreciated by over 80% of mobile websites when grey or white text appears on the black screen.

Finally, the use of microinteractions and cursors can give users more confidence when using the website if they know what to click on and what will happen next. Check at 300.codes/our-services/web-development/ what a successful web development should look like.

Pay attention to the content

The growing popularity of SEO and copywriting means that website developers are aware of the importance of creating valuable content. In order to attract and then retain customers, some sort of relationship needs to be built. This can be achieved by providing visitors with credible and trustworthy content that answers their questions and draws attention to your products.

To prove that the company is trustworthy, it is crucial to show insight into the business with company statistics, video testimonials or third-party reviews to increase authenticity.

The personalised content leaves a better impression on visitors and helps them identify with your brand. This can be achieved through the intensive use of statistics that provide you with information about who has visited your website, and thanks to AI personalisation, content can be automatically tailored to individual preferences.

Discover the audience’s needs and cater to them by offering them solutions and answers. This can be the best way to build a connection and bond between customers and the company and present yourself as a reliable source of information.

Transparency is also crucial when it comes to how the products are made or what the company’s ethics are. Show your customers that they are important to you and do not just see them as a source of revenue.

Turn the experience with your brand into an interactive journey in the form of interactive storytelling. Tell your customers who you are, why you are the owner of such a company and explain your mission. Show them who you are and who you work with so they see you as a real-life creation, not an online one.

Marketing can work wonders

Without positioning and the right use of keywords, your website will be ranked low on Google, making it almost impossible to find your offer when it is presented on the third or fifth page of the web search. SEO specialists know exactly how the algorithms work and can prepare the content of your website in such a way that you are placed high up in the search engines.

Choose the landing pages with the call-to-action carefully, because they are the key to your success. Decide what your goal is and prepare the landing pages accordingly. Do not neglect the call-to-action buttons to ensure that secondary actions are also carried out. They can include “Download”, “Learn more” and any other action beyond “Buy now” or “Sign up”.

Use advanced tracking on your website to identify the most popular sections and the elements that are underperforming and change them quickly.

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