Spottie App: Get Connected having Real-Time Face-to-Face Interaction

Spottie is the new app developed by IINSHA that will change the way we socialize with each other. Spottie is a game that was created with an intent of getting the players to interact face-to-face and make real life connections instantly. This stunning application encourages the users to get up and socialize. They can start their day with new possibilities via Spottie.

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More About Spottie

It is the first real-time social interactive game that allows the players to meet new people every day. It lets you connect with other players playing the game face-to-face through the engaging gameplay. The best part is that, one can select the type of interaction he/she want to have with the connection – friendship, socializing, networking or more.

IINSHA has even announced that half a million dollars will be given to the top players in 2019. This contest will be starting later this year.

Top Features of Spottie

With all new Spottie app, one can leverage a number of features such as:

  • Make new connections in real-time while playing this interactive mobile game
  • Search people using the hints describing their physical attributes
  • Spot the players quickly to earn more points
  • Connect with people and stand a chance to win cash prizes
  • Wake up every day to have the new interactions
  • The in-app texting and calling feature allows you to keep in touch with other players
  • You can unlock the cash rewards for finding and being found by other players
  • One can enhance the social life, create new friendships and ultimately grow a larger network
  • You can earn rewards for building a larger network
  • This game is totally free

Signing Up with Spottie and Gameplay

One can easily sign up with the app by just filling in the registration details. Once you signup, you need to verify your email address by clicking on the verification link that will fall into your inbox after signing up.

After completing the registration process successfully. You need to fill in your profile details. You can always improve your chances of building a larger network as people know your preference when you answer engaging questions while creating your profile. Though answering these questions is totally optional, you can help other players to know you better by answering the questions. You even have an option to skip the process.

After signing in, just check in your location and tap on the ‘Let’s Play’ button to start playing the game.

Every minute, descriptive hints about other players will appear on your mobile screen. You need to keep a close eye on your surroundings to make way for face to face interactions. People can find you if you start accepting the game invites. Once you find a player, both of you will earn points by scanning the Spottie QR code. The quicker a player is found, the more points you both receive.

Other Insights in Spottie

Once you become friends on Spottie, you will have an option of what information is shared with your new friends. Your profile can be personalized completely allowing you to keep a track of stats, check-in history and share photos. You can even use the free messaging and calling features without ever sharing your contact number.

The best part about this app is that you can control your privacy. Whether you’re finding or being found, this application is the answer to the falling social skills of the society.

The Bottom Line

Spottie ‘s team believes that there is no bigger reward than making genuine face-to face connections. People can play Spottie and start meeting new players in real-time anywhere while you are travelling to the places.

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