Digital Customer Experience Trends Taking Over by Storm

Building a successful brand is no longer about presenting the product to the market, making advertisements, and waiting for a positive response.

Brands are now focusing on delivering to the customer exactly what they want and giving them a pleasant experience at every touchpoint.  Here is an analysis of the latest digital customer experience trends that are taking over.

Customer-centric Business Operations

Digital customer experience trends include customer insight solutions. Companies can not only collect data on their customers’ interactions on their digital platforms but gain insight into their behavior. The company can then make corrective changes to improve their digital customer experience. Predictive analytics can use the data collected to predict customer responses to new products or marketing campaigns.

Customer service has become more personalized. The ability to playback customer sessions makes it possible for support staff to identify with the customer’s issues. Resolving problems have thus become faster and easier resulting in satisfied and loyal customers.

By using data from the customer’s digital interaction with the company, marketing has become more personalized. Companies can send marketing e-mails, product recommendations, and newsletters tailored to the customer’s tastes and interests based on their buying habits. It results in a better response rate.

Increased Use of AI Systems

With the rising need to improve the customer experience, companies are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence technology. Customers have become busier and less patient. They want things done fast while still expecting an efficient, personalized experience.

Companies are ensuring that customers have their issues resolved at the first point of contact by providing AI systems to employees that help address complex issues. In simple terms, the AI works behind the scenes enabling the customer agent to give accurate and prompt responses.

When support staff is not available, companies are adopting the use of chatbots to give prompt responses. The one-size-fits-all chatbot has been replaced with improved versions that provide the customer with a more personalized interaction based on the customer’s historical data. It makes the interaction feel less mechanical.

High Data Security Accompanying the Digital Customer Experience Trends

Companies are collecting loads of data on customers to improve the customer’s digital experience. The customers are becoming more aware of this, and they are getting more concerned about the security of this information.

A good example is a recent scandal by Facebook where they faced accusations of selling customer data. Such scandals can hurt a company’s reputation. It is vital for companies to increase the security of their data by investing in highly secure infrastructures.

Also, transparency plays a large part in giving the customer assurance of their data security. The company should use pop-up notifications to make the customer aware of the data collection. You should reassure them that sensitive information is left out such as pins, passwords, and bank details and that their data is safe and used only to enhance service delivery.

Shift your focus from blind marketing to more personalized product creation, marketing, and customer service delivery. Maintain data integrity and transparency. It only takes one lousy customer review or scandal to destroy your company’s reputation.

For any company that desires to achieve success, staying up to date on the latest digital customer experience trends is essential. It gives an edge over the competition.

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