Fozzy Review 2024 An Affordable Cloud Web Hosting Service Provider

Finding the right cloud hosting provider is a challenging task for a beginner. You research the company’s reputation, services, scalability, support team, etc. We can ease the burden by suggesting a good service for the users. Fozzy is a go-to cloud hosting company for someone looking for affordable services.

What is Fozzy?

Fozzy is an American web hosting service provider. The Dallas-based company served 75,000 customers in the last ten years. They have a wide range of cloud servers and hosting packages for customers. You can check out Fozzy’s official website and learn about the plans, or I have explained them below.

Excellent Physical Server Specifications

Web hosting or cloud server providers should have high-end machines. The websites or games won’t perform at the highest capacity if you host the resources on a slower server. Fozzy has a high-spec server from a Dell manufacturer. We are talking about the Intel Xeon processor, Solid-State Drive, RAM, and genuine Dell hardware. The R540 model has two Xeon Silver 4114 processors. Your website won’t struggle to run during high-traffic conditions.

Affordable Game Server Hosting

Millions tune into gaming and play CS: GO, Minecraft, ARK, etc. You can host a custom server to create a new community or team. Fozzy game server hosting plans start from $7.98 per month. The company has dedicated documentation and a blog for the enthusiastic to set up and install the game server. You get the best support from customer care and written guides. The company has limited support for the games such as Team Fortress, Valheim, ARMA 3, 7 Days to Die, Rust, and other games mentioned above.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Under One Roof

Most website funders purchase the domain from a different vendor and host them on another vendor. Web hosting customer care pins the blame on the domain registrar. The customer suffers the most from the downtime because your website won’t work during this period. Most digital marketing expert in the industry recommends purchasing the domain and hosting from the same provider. Fozzy offers domain registration services on the official website. Choose your custom name and keep it in your account forever.

Affordable Website Builder

Website builder allows users to create customized sites without assistance from developers. You don’t have to rely on WordPress or themes from the market. Most WP themes have limitations, and you have to compromise frequently. The website builder breaks the barriers, but you can always find a workaround to fix the issues. You can create multiple pages and customize them individually. Customize the homepage the way you see fit. The Fozzy website builder plan costs you $3 per month for using the add-on. However, it’s not a mandatory or exclusive product. You have the freedom to use a third-party add-on in the web hosting.

Tight Security Against Attacks

DDOS or brute force attacks have become a common problem for many websites. Many WordPress sites have experienced security issues with intentional attacks from privacy invaders, scammers, and competitors. Fortunately, the Fozzy team has protection layers for the users. You can protect your business site or blog from all sorts of attacks.

You can purchase a premium SSL certificate from Sectigo PositiveSSL, Geotrust EV, and PositiveSSL Wildcard from the provider. Fozzy has a premium DDOS attacks protection plan for users. Add the premium attack protection if someone is intentionally harming your site. You can stop the invaders from hurting your business any further.

Your Data Is Safe

Fozzy complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies. The cloud server provider follows the seven principles of the GDPR rules. Users can hold them accountable for the misdemeanors. They will follow the laws, transparency, data collection practices, data minimization, purpose limitation, etc. Many companies share the data with partners and investors. The company will provide concise info on data sharing information with the users.

Customer Support Team & Wiki Documentation

Customer care and wiki documentation are mandatory when choosing a web hosting or cloud server provider. Fozzy went ahead of the competition and added multiple ways for the users to contact the support team.

You can use the email address and gets a response immediately. They included a Knowledge Base for the web hosting customers. You can access the wiki documentation to set up or install scripts on the game server. You got access to Skype support and contact them through it. You can watch Fozzy YouTube tutorials to set up the web hosting. The company created multiple ways for the users to contact the support team and resolve the issue.


Fozzy is a go-to choice for websites, blogs, and game servers. You are paying less for responsive servers, customer care, and data protection (GDPR) compliance. The company has existed for over ten years and served 75,000 clients globally. Let us know what you think about Fozzy in the comment section.

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