Parents Have Learned To Control Children Through a Mobile Phone

Android smartphones are wonders of tomorrow, which comes with various applications and games. The increase in smartphone usage is insane because the majority of those users are Teenagers.

Unfortunately, many people using the information for doing bad stuff to your children. More than a million reports come in every day, where someone got hurt because of a social media app.

Crazy things are happening to the young ones, which is preventable if you parents know how to learn about their online activities.

Parents Have Learned To Control Children Through a Mobile Phone

Snoopza is an Android application which falls under monitoring service.

A saviour application, which keeps an eye on your children online activity, which is a very difficult job for Teenagers parents because they are the most vulnerable people in the world.

How Does Snoopza Help Parents & Others?

We recommend you to learn about the Snoopza before you give it a try. Let remind you that it comes with a free version, which will help you understand the functions before you pay for it.

Note – This is a safety & monitoring application built keeping parents in mind.

This keylogger app can:

  1. You receive detailed information about Dialed, Received, contact name, number, duration, and more. So, you know who is calling your children.
  2. If you want to know the location of kids, then you can learn it in an instant. But the person must have active mobile internet.
  3. You can also monitor Sent and Received text messages.
  4. Almost every teen is using Whatsapp, Facebook, and Viber. The interesting part is that you get access to the Chats, Pictures shared or received, Audio shared or received, video files as well.
  5. You can get inside of the kid’s Browser and check the activity & history.
  6. Your kids will never learn about the app because you can make it invisible from App menu and Uninstall options.
  7. According to the Google, more than 76% of their users have Smartphones, Tablets, and extra phones. So, keeping this in mind, Snoopza allows you to monitor devices from one account.

Snoopza android keylogger has benefits that no other service in the market has it.

How does Snoopza Works?

First, try snoopza using this link.

Step 1: Visit the site from the link given.

Step 2: You have to sign up for a free account, where you don’t need to add any credit card details. You can use the free version until you are satisfied.

Step 3: As you can see that you have redirected to the home page of the Snoopza.

Step 4: We assume that you remember the Email & Password, so you have to use them by logging in to the account from the target smartphone.

From here, you have to set up the application from the target smartphone.

When you try to Install the app, you may have to enable “Unknown sources” which you can do that from the installation process itself.

You have to click Settings > Unknown Sources (Only for this installation), then Install.

In the end, it will ask you for whom do you want to use the application; you have to select any one of them.

You have a login screen, so you have to enter the login credentials, which you have created here.

If you have connected a device, then you will be able to see it “Click on Device from the menu.”

Step 5: You can monitor the device activity in the Website itself.


There are thousands of service available around the world, where you can find various services, which are identical to the Snoopza model.

However, the pricing of the Snoopza is lesser than other, and you get the top-class quality of service.

You may be paying less, but you don’t have to worry about the quality of the service. The customer support is active and always help you to get the problems solved.

Download now.


We know how important the spy apps have become in many countries, but Snoopza is developed for parents, who wants to protect their children from online threats. Let us know how well did this app worked for you in the comment section.

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