What is OneSyncSVC And How To Disable It Tutorial For Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Windows 10 is possibly the best operating system Microsoft has introduced that leaves Windows previous version behind. In the latest version Microsoft trying to keep up with the latest technology that changed since Windows seven introduced.

Windows Seven is lighter and faster than Windows 10 for older machines because the latest version has features that can give you better security, futuristic device support, and it can do more things than the previous versions.

What is OneSyncSVC?

We have mentioned that Microsoft has added new features to the latest Windows OS and one of them is OneSyncSVC.

After using so many programs, games, utilities, and other types of programs, we can tell that Windows 10 packed with some serious features that can take your PC to another level.

Windows has inbuilt features, so you don’t have to depend on your smartphone for reminders, emails, updates, to-do list, and more. The ideas behind adding all communication and follow up apps, so you can access them inside of Windows without downloading or installing any third-party apps.

Microsoft has also selected this part to be on the Tenth version because the updates make it easy as well. These apps are designed to last for at least year or two, which means users can continue using these apps without updating.

It still doesn’t explain why OneSyncSVC exists runs in the background. If you have noticed, when you connect to the Internet and when you turn on your PC, the One Sync SVC will start automatically. The service will run in the background and won’t close unless you close it manually.

The OneSyncSVC service is related to the reminders, emails, updates, to-do list, and more. Let assume that you are using Windows mobile, then whenever you make changes in To-Do list in mobile, then OneSync SVC will update PC To-Do list.

Everyone using Google mail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft mail, and more. The OneSyncSVC will update Email’s, To-Do list, Reminders, and other similar apps, which requires updates.

Yes, you are right, this file constantly runs in the background, but it is a minor service that only works few seconds in an hour, or you open the app.

How to stop or disable OneSyncSVC ?

We assume that you are troubled with the updates and slowing down your Internet connection.

We recommend you to stop the application by signing out, removing from the application, and more. Disabling OneSyncSVC will stop one or two services, so make sure you know what you are doing.

One: As you can see in the image below that the service is stopped and the second service is running. Let me tell you that we have not made any changes.

Two: Now our target is to stop two services. So, first go to the search bar and type services.

Three: Now right-click the mouse and “Run as administrator.

Four: If you are wondering how it will look, then we have shared a snapshot below. This is what you should see on your Windows 10 PC.

Five: If the OneSync SVC is open, then you can disable it directly from the Services. As you can see it isn’t present here. If you are using the old version of Windows 10, then this is common.

Six: You can STOP it by going to task manager.

Seven: Now you have to select the “Services” tab in the Task Manager.

Eight: As you can see clearly, the services are listed in the tab, where you have to locate OneSync SVC.

C:\Users\kksilvery\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\OneSyncSVC - 9.png

Nine: Now select that option and right-click your mouse, then you will be able to stop the service for good.

Unfortunately, this isn’t permanent, the service will restart again and again, and you have to keep repeating it because Microsoft has not provided disable the feature.

Some of you may asked us a question is it a virus and does it effect my PC or laptop ?

  • Our answer nope, its just a Onedrive productivity app.


We do have one more way to disable it permanently, but it is recommended only for the PROFESSIONALS only because it can mess up your Windows 10 PC. Some functions may stop working if you go for the advanced solutions and you may lose a genuine copy of Windows OS.

We only recommend you to watch the above video and stop the service only if you are a professional and you have a recovery disk as well. If you have any suggestions, then let us know in the comment section.

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      Tried that, and no changes can be saved to the service. Similarly with the other (similar) contact data/messaging service/User Data Access/User data storage. When trying to change the services to disabled they error out with “The parameter is incorrect”.

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    It’s like this, Microsoft has become less then trustworthy at best, I don’t know about you but I really prefer that my PC’s do not sync to any corporation for any reason other then work, Microsoft has a proven track record for harvesting data by force (HACKING BOTH BLUE TOOTH AND WIFI CONNECTIONS) and behind the Desktop OS where no ones the wiser, except of course us 10% Super Users! Windows 10 “Violates” every privacy law in the book and I’m quiet frankly shocked that we haven’t done something about this type behavior by both Microsoft and Google sense were on this topic, and the new laws passed in Cali says we the people can’t Suit corporations WTF is wrong with this picture? We the user need to ban together and shut this shit down, before it put and end to our free society and or Country, If you look close you can see most of the people running this Big Corporations don’t even belong in this country, and are now making us in the USA look like some third world country scam artist, like Nigeria ! Look at Microsoft CEO He’s nothing but a pole smoking towel head want to be tyrant, from a foreign land or Third World Country! Hence this is why Microsoft tramples all over Human rights and our Constitution, these Idian has no respect just like that Sundar Pichai, we need to string them up by their want to be tyrant necks and make an example of these Criminals against the USA people and half the world!

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