Banish the Global Roaming Charges, Thanks to the AI Powered SIM Card Hub by Mobile Genius

The technology is going far beyond your imagination. Earlier, communicating through letters was the only means. Soon the telecommunication service started and a couple of years after that, wireless communication was made possible. Now, the communication was becoming much easier and feasible, but the major setback was the high tariff the user needs to pay to communicate. This tariff was cut-down very soon and the rates were made much cheaper.

The cheaper tariff rates made mobile communication much easier. The instant messaging applications came as a delight and enhanced the way people can communicate to each other. But, the high international roaming charge was one of the biggest issues that were prevailing from several years. It now seems to have been solved by a company. Let’s go through this post and learn more about it.

Bye-Bye to International Roaming

Mobile Genius has emerged as a groundbreaking device that has seemed to solve the problem of high international roaming charges. You can now ditch the hassle of juggling between your business and personal SIM cards while on an international trip and give a final farewell to the international roaming charges you need to pay.

Mobile Genius is the first device in the world to allow you access two of your SIM cards, anywhere around the globe remotely. It allows the users to access their business or personal mobile lines while they are travelling to a different country. The travelers will be able to use their business and home lines globally soon, keeping their professional and personal lives apart and benefiting from the Mobile Genius’s inbuilt personal AI assistant.

Mobile Genius Crowd-Funding Campaign

Mobile Genius has launched a crowd-funding campaign via Indiegogo to make this dream come true. The fund collected through this campaign will be utilized bring this revolutionary device to production and produce multiple units.

What’s the Inspiration behind the Idea of this Device?

Whether you are on a recreational holiday or have a business meeting abroad, using the phone is really essential. But at the same time, it may be extremely difficult to cope up with the international roaming charges. Here, the company felt the need of a device that can cut off the international roaming charges and make communication across the borders really cheaper.

Mobile Genius is a stylish hardware device which will helps the travelers to use multiple SIM cards through an iOS application, which will further help them to make or receive calls on their domestic numbers from anywhere in the world. And the best part is that, all this can be done without any subscription fees.

The users just need to insert the SIM cards in their Mobile Genius device and leave it in their office or home during their travel. Those SIM cards can then be accessed remotely from any part of the world. The inbuilt Artificial Intelligence features in this device make it act like a personal assistant by simply organizing the user agenda & tasks and highlighting their important information.

Ultimate Features of Mobile Genius SIM Card Hub

  • Use Mobile Genius app to place of receive calls or to send SMS from different numbers on a single device.
  • The calls will be billed at local mobile carrier rate of the user, no matter from where you place or receive the calls.
  • The device has two SIM card slots.
  • You can make use of multiple accounts of the popular services like WhatsApp to separate your personal and business messages.
  • It has got an inbuilt AI assistant.
  • It is powered with Octa-Core Cortex A53 processor clocked at 1.4GHz.
  • The LTE Voice/Modem works in all the nations.
  • The device is sleek and slim having the dimensions – 75mm x 154mm x 7.9mm.

The device has used over 80years of combined experience from the leading hardware companies in the world including Freescale Semiconductor, Motorola, and Telefield to emerge as a successful device.

Mobile Genius SIM Card Hub Pre-Order

You can pre-order the Mobile Genius device via Indiegogo website. Anyone can pre-book it untill 28th November at a discounted price of $89. This device will be delivered to the customers in September 2018.

The Bottom Line

Mobile Genius has emerged as a savior for millions of people who have to pay high international roaming charges to their mobile carriers while travelling abroad. You can now use this device and save all the extra charges you have to pay while using your phone. Pre-Order this device now and get it at discounted price.

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