How to Share USB Device Over Network

Although USB devices have become essential tools for our daily work, it can be difficult to manage them in different locations. Presenting USBoNET (USB over Network), a ground-breaking technology that makes managing USB devices easier and permits cross-border cooperation. We will examine the features, advantages, and useful instructions for sharing USB devices over a network with USBoNET in this in-depth guide.

What is USBoNET?

USBoNET is a tool that let you connect to USB devices over LAN or other networks. As a result, this tool makes managing USB devices easier and permits cross-border cooperation.

Whether you want to connect to a USB device in the same network or a totally different network, you can do that through USBoNET. Even for the novice users of USB-over-ethernet tools, they can easily learn how to share usb device over network by using USBoNET tool.

What is USB over Lan or Ethernet?

A technique called USB over Lan or Ethernet uses USBoNET to link USB devices over ethernet networks. It becomes easy to share these connections with USBoNET’s USB over Ethernet software. Using the Internet or a TCP/IP network, users can access remote USB devices just as if they were physically attached to their computers.

Benefits of using USBoNET

Before you start using USBoNEt tool, you might want to know its benefits.

Advanced Remote access of USB devices

In a world where working remotely and collaborating on projects are commonplace, having convenient access to USB devices in various locations is essential. USBoNET acts as a middleman for your computer and distant USB devices, so you can use USB peripherals wherever they are as though they were physically connected to your computer.

Easy Sharing with USB over Ethernet

When it comes to enabling device sharing, USBoNET shines. Regardless of where they are physically located, it allows multiple users to access USB over network software and connect to a single USB device sequentially.


With its broad support for USB devices, USBoNET is an adaptable option for a number of uses, particularly for larger user bases. USBoNET provides support for sharing USB over Ethernet devices.

No need to purchase physical devices

You can access remote USB devices without having to buy extra physical devices if you use USBoNET. It enables seamless access in corporate settings, where USB devices may be physically located in different offices.

How to Share USB Devices over Network

Always disconnect the USB drive once you are done with your work.

  • Install the USBoNET on your Windows system.
  • Launch the tool and select the USB drive that you want to share remotely. You can find the available devices list in the “Device” section.
  • Now on the other computer, go to “Remote Ports”. All the devices that are open to connect will be visible here.
  • Select the USB drive showing in the “remote Ports” list by hitting the “Connect” option.

The USB drive is now for you to access via the File Explorer.

What are the use cases of USBoNET?

Here are where you expect the most benefit out of USBoNet.

Seamless collaboration

When collaborating on graphic design projects, teams can share USB over Ethernet to connect to top-notch printers situated in various offices, thanks to USBoNET. This guarantees that irrespective of the designers’ physical locations, designs are printed with accuracy and clarity.


With USBoNET, engineers and technicians can remotely access USB over a network, which is useful in industrial settings where specialized USB tools are used to monitor and control machinery. As a result, physical presence on-site is no longer required.

Medical Diagnostics

USB devices are essential to the healthcare industry for patient care and diagnostics. By providing USB over network software, USBoNET helps medical professionals to access USB devices from anywhere, enhancing medical diagnostics and patient care.


In an increasingly connected world, USBoNET is a good source of streamlining such connections. You can manage devices via USB over Ethernet to improve the workflow of your projects. With USBoNET, you can access USB devices remotely from any location, a different office, city, or continent. Businesses and institutions can maximize resource utilization, cut costs, and establish a cohesive work environment. If you are not ready to dive into the world of wireless USB integration, you can avail the trial period of USBoNET first.

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