Best Top Free Windows 10 Product Key Finder Software 2024 For Laptop Desktop PC

Are you looking for free product key finder programs for Windows PC? Many Windows administrators are looking for free solutions to find product keys to upgrade to the latest version for free-of-charge or earn a discount on a fresh copy. In this tutorial, I will provide 5 programs designed to locate product key for repurposes.

1. KeyFinder by Magical Jelly Bean

Developer, Magical Jelly Bean added a solution for premium commercial users and non-commercial users, where you can find out the Product ID, and CD Key of Windows operating system. I have tested the program on Windows 10 (1909) and it worked like charm. I was surprised that KeyFinder was able to provide further information on Office 2007 installed in my copy of Windows.


A) Check Product ID and CD Key.

B) Work on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 edition.

C) Straightforward program.

D) Recovers Microsoft Office applications product keys.

Download KeyFinder

2. ProduKey

I always appreciate straightforward programs that don’t consume plenty of our resources and provide results. ProduKey is a lightweight program designed to provide Windows and Office applications product keys, and I have tested it on my Windows 10 edition machine.

I was surprised that the program supports multiple operating system editions such as Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7th, 8th and 10th editions. They also added further support for Microsoft Office applications starting from the 2003 edition to the latest version. However, ProduKey doesn’t support non-Microsoft products.


A) Portable edition (installation not required) available, and that’s what I am using.

B) Straightforward and lightweight.

C) Product key export available.

D) Supports Windows 98 to 10th edition.

Download ProduKey

3. SterJo Key Finder

SterJo Soft developer released SterJo Key Finder for Windows administrators to find missing Product Keys of operating system and Microsoft Office applications. The program does not require executable installation as a portable edition is available.

During my test, I found a couple of installation problems, but it works smoothly afterward. I did notice that the program tries to install another application and you can avoid it. You may even have repetitive results of the same product key, so make sure to keep an eye on it.


A) A Portable edition is available.

B) Supports previous editions of Windows OS.

C) No premium edition is available and marks “FREE” for all.

D) Microsoft Office applications are supported along with other popular solutions.

E) Supports the older generation Windows operating system and provides a stable environment for Windows 10.

Download SterJo Key Finder

4. MSKeyViewer Plus

During my test, I felt MSKeyViewer Plus has outdated design but the developer-focused more on compatibility and user experience. MSKeyViewer Plus works flawlessly and recognizes the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office product keys, and provides proper information on it.

The quick toggles allow the administrators to copy product keys to notepad in the TXT format. You have two options available, 1) Copy selected information to clipboard and 2) Copy all information to the clipboard. Either way, you can copy and paste the Product Key information to notepad and use it later. However, I haven’t found newer updates and sometimes it fetches incorrect Product Key, but this is a good alternative to find product keys.


A) Supports Windows 7 and lower editions.

B) Dated interface but works flawlessly on Windows 10.

C) Recognizes Microsoft Office application product keys.

D) Lightweight and portable solution.

Download MSKeyViewer Plus

5. Windows Product Key Viewer

RJL Software released Windows Product Key Viewer for Windows consumers to identify the Product Key or CD Key. I have downloaded and tested the program and it worked smoothly on Windows 10 edition without errors.

The developer spent most of the time on the coding and compatibility to newer editions. Windows Product Key Viewer added necessary supports to meet modern standards despite having an outdated design. I want to inform the readers that this is a portable solution and doesn’t require installation.


A) Supports Windows 95 to Windows 10 edition.

B) Lightweight and portable edition.

C) Export the Product Key or CD Key in TXT format.

D) Print the Product Key or CD Key in A4 paper.

E) Copy the information to the clipboard to send the information on email.

Download Windows Product Key Viewer by RJL Software

Bottom Line

Many software companies are selling the same products for $10 per license, and I request the users to donate a minimum of $1 to any solution that you are using right now. Most of the free-to-use solutions required a few dollars a month to keep going for free. Let us know what do you think about the best free Windows 10 product key finder software 2020 list in the comment section below.

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