Best And Top 5 Must Have Software’s For MAC OS Sierra

Mac OS Sierra is the newest addition to operating system family of Apple’s new line of MacBooks and iMacs. The Mac OS Sierra is a huge update to the older version and thus us not only going to help you get updated but is also going to bring about some great minor changes as well as some major changes that are just going to be irresistible to ignore. With the recent updates going about live for everyone to use I feel that it’s time to have a look at some of the best ever created and optimized apps or software in this case for the latest operating system of the MacBooks I.e. the better designed Mac OS Sierra. With this latest addition everyone must also be wondering what all they should use along with this operating system as it is not really an all in one ready to use operating system. Though it tries to be one but it does have many drawbacks that hold the operating system back. So today we are going to look at some of the better software’s that are going to make the operating system more functional as well as more productive. So some of these common software’s are going to be from the genres of the everyday usage and will include those which are going to help in increasing the ease of usage and the accessibility of the operating system. The software’s that we have here today are commonly used ones and are of the following categories – web browser, media player and text editors and all in ones.

So now let’s have a look at them one by one in utter detail.

Web browserGoogle chrome

chrome image

Google chrome is one of the widely accepted platform for web browsing and people absolutely love the way chrome works. Though macos comes pre installed with a good enough web browser but it still lacks the way Google chrome works and is surely not going to help you fulfill all your needs for watching your favorite web pages and also some of the best ever things that you could download on your devices. With such greatness there are loads of things you can do with chrome in your laptop. The chrome browser not only is going to help you provide with all your basic web browsing tasks but is also to help you get ahead of all other web browsers with the apps and utilities that the application provides you with. Th web store of the Google chrome app itself has a wide bunch of apps available for your downloads. The chrome webstore is going to help you all a lot and is going to help you make out the best use of your device at all instances.

Media playerVLC media player

video lan

The media player app is quite necessary for any operating system and though macos comes installed with quick time but it fails to meet the expectations of a normal video player as it does not support some major file formats that are used quite commonly like. Avi , .mkv and .flv formats which are used commonly in other operating systems like windows. VLC has total support for many Commonly used file formats that are available and circulated around the whole world.

Text editors – Microsoft office


Microsoft office is one of the most essential parts of any enterprise or individual. Coming to Mac for the first time in the year 2010 Microsoft office has evolved since then. It has now become an integral part of MACos and it is one of the must haves for the wonderful Mac OS sierra update of the Macbooks.

Miscellaneous – Google Drive

cloud drive

The Google drive is an all in one software that is going to be of some great usage to you. In this world full of internet apps this is the one that is going to be the best bet for any traveller or for a person who is conscious of the storage of his MacBook. Google drive can help you view and edit any incoming word files or excel files and also at the same time take a backup of your already present data in your MacBook.

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