Best Football Predictions Android App| Overlyzer Football Predictions Review

Soccer is not a scripted sport, and that’s millions watch it live. Millions spent years of savings to watch one football series, and followers come from different parts of the world. Fans love to bet on their favorite team, and it brings the best out of the evening. Of course, we are not promoting betting whatsoever, but we are talking about match predictions.

What is Overlyzer?

Overlyzer Dashboard

Overlyzer is an Android app and website. You can download the soccer prediction app from the official Play Store for free. You can keep an eye on the live football events around the world, and learn about the team positioning. The prediction algorithm identifies a winning team in the match and gives you live statistics. You can place live bets on the winning football team based on the prediction graph. The developers have added advanced algorithm-led features in the app, and it helps the users to mark the winning team. Let me introduce worthy features of Overlyzer, and get a glimpse of the application.

Live Statistics

Live Stastistics and Scores

Overlyzer offers live statistics of every soccer game happening around the world. You can monitor the stats virtually and identify the winning team beforehand. The stats are updated in real-time, so you don’t miss any vital information. You can add the team in the favorites section and access the stats anytime. You have to create a free account with Overlyzer and fulfill the statistical criteria.

Live Graphs

Soccer Match Predictions Live Graph

Overlyzer has an advanced algorithm that puts the game performance data and stats in graphs. You don’t have to calculate all game points and aspects manually and find out the best outcome at a glance. The dashboard has many metrics, and one of them is the “Total Offensive Indicator”. The TOI metric gives you an idea of the game impression, and you can find out who is playing offensively or defensively. You can create a free account in the app and access the graphs.

Game Filter

Overlyzer Football Predictions App Filters

Registered users have access to the account benefits, and you can save many games in the profile. Users can access the current live events and never worry about missing any information during the game. The developers added filters in the app, and you can set the filters to view certain metrics. Assume that you want to read corner kicks, pressure, cards, shots, etc. Of course, you can monitor the metrics that point to pressure conditions that lead to goals. Beginners can use the preset filters and jump into the customized stats.

The Over/Under Tool

Over & Under Tool in the Android App

Many viewers put their bet on a team before the match begins. Of course, the viewers know the players participating in the game and how they perform against the opponents. Overlyzer has an advanced Over/Under tool that has a complex algorithm. The mathematical algorithms indicate the probability of “overs” and “under”. The Overlyzer algorithms recommendations end up in the notification bar, so you never miss out on information about the game. The developers enabled the over/under feature for all users, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

All Football Teams

Choose from 120 Countries

The Overlyzer app was developed by a football fan. Users can access game performance from football matches across 120 countries. You got matches from domestic games, international games, and regional series. You don’t have to worry about the women’s football matches because they are supported by the Overlyzer team. The app offers stats from Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, or La Liga.

Overlyzer Pricing

Overlyzer goal is to provide a mix of data such as advanced mathematical and statistical models to predict the outcome.

One Month Overlyzer: The one-month plan costs €4.44 per week and €19.9 per month.

Three Month Overlyzer: The three months plan costs €3.77 per week, and €49.9 per month.

One Year Overlyzer: The one-year plan is free, but you have to deposit €100 with one of the betting partners.

Download the Overlyzer app. Create a free account in the Android app, and you can access the Over/Under tool for free.

Bottom Line

Overlyzer is a football game performance prediction app and a good place to start betting based on the algorithm. The Android app gives you a glimpse of graphs and stats. But, you have to create an account then purchase the premium plan to access the features. You can view game performance stats of various live matches around the world.

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