3 Things You Should Know Before Downloading Apps on Your Phone

Look around and notice that a commonality among the people is a mobile device. Our mobile phones had been an extension of our body. It has been a fundamental part of our everyday life as it is an all in one tool. Because of the fast-paced development and advancement of technology, mobile phone companies had been releasing new devices every year. But it’s not only the device’s specifications that entice a buyer, but rather what the device can offer the user through the various mobile applications. According to a 2016 study, an average person touches their phone 2,617 days a day! And this figure increases per year. And this obsession with the smartphone comes with the functionality smartphones can offer through mobile applications.

Types of mobile apps

There are various applications that can be downloaded on our mobile phone. These apps can be classified into six major types.

  • Social Media apps can be noted as the most popular app as it promptly provides users with connections to friends and associates.
  • Entertainment apps, from the name suggest, provides users with fun and play. All game developers from various platforms took advantage of this. That is also the main reason why 918 Kiss made their mobile app available for both Android and Apple devices. With a variety of entertainment apps that can be downloaded, offering mini games and casino games in different languages. Gaming apps are the most popular apps in this category.
  • Lifestyle mobile apps support an individual’s lifestyle facets such as food, travel, fitness, dating and music.
  • Another popular category is the productivity app which helps users accomplish tasks efficiently. Spreadsheets, documents, and payment apps are just some samples.
  • Information outlets are apps that provide news and information.
  • Lastly, single-function applications that are usually pre-installed in the device can be classified as a utility app. Example of these apps is weather, calculator, clock/alarm, flashlight.

But before you proceed with downloading an app, here are three things to ponder.

Is the app authorized and legit?

Search the net on the legality of the app. Identify the developers and investigate other apps they created. Another easy way to check the validity of the app is to read user reviews. You can read through the site where you intend to download the app or look through the numerous channels that host exchanges of user reviews on mobile applications. Be cognizant as some applications may contain malware and viruses that can access your private data or may destroy your device.

App requirements

Check the space requirement of the application as well as other compatibility elements such as device software version, CPU, GPU, and RAM. Some applications also state if they require an internet connection to function while some apps are functional even when offline.

Access to your data

Some apps can access your phone and email contacts, call logs, calendar data, device’s location and device ID. Review the data that an app needs to obtain as some data are needed for it to function while some data access are questionable. These apps can gather your information without your knowledge, so better review how access to your data is related to the purpose of the app before giving your permission.

To make the most of your mobile phone, you can download several apps to meet your needs. Just be wary of its provisions, ensure that it is dependable and that it does not pose any danger to your online identity.

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