CardFunder Review : Best Easy Way To Accept Unused Or Partially Used Gift Cards As A Charitable Donation

In 2019, CNBC reported how $3 billion in gift cards remained unused for years. The consumer protection laws increased the gift card’s validity up to five years. Expired card money goes to retailers and banks. The consumer funds are wasted by sending the money to a bank or a retailer. CardFunder took the challenge to do something about the unused gift cards.

What is CardFunder, and what can you do with it?

CardFunder Dashboard

CardFunder is a website, and an app is available for iPad. The developers will launch a compatible app for iPhone and Android later.

A. Organisations can start a public campaign and submit gift cards on the app.

B. Consumers can donate unused gift cards on the CardFunder platform.

C. The app mechanism confirms the validity and transfers the money to a designated bank account.

You can sign up for an account on the website or iPadOS app. Sign up for a free account and start a campaign on the platform for free.

Download CarFunder on Android and iPad

Virtual Donation

The CardFunder app solves one problem, and they have created an effortless system for submitting gift cards. The traditional method requires cardholders to reclaim the money in physical form. The CardFunder does the work in the background and transfers the money to the designated account without submitting the card physically. The versatile system eliminates manual work and finishes the task virtually.

Share the Link or QR Code

Share the Link or QR Code

The technology-driven app allows the users to start a campaign and added sharing tools. Share the fundraising link on the social media platform. You can share the QR code in the public domain and redirect them to the CardFunder website or application. New visitors can donate unused gift cards by reaching the page using the shareable links. Campaigners don’t have to do the manual work and share the page link in the public domain.

Designed for Multiple Organizations

Designed for Multiple Organizations

The CardFunder founders designed the app and website for organizations. Many non-profit organizations require funding to continue their services. New users can create an account on the platform, but you should be part of a non-profit institution. The CD platform welcomes Charity, Youth Sports, NGOs, schools, universities, ministries, institutions, etc. The gift card money goes to non-profit organizations.

Wide-range of Gift Cards Accepted

Many companies have created gift cards to entertain customers or viewers. You can take Google Play Store or Steam creating cards. The CardFunder research shows that customers buy gift cards on Birthdays (78%), Baby showers (38%), Graduations (67%), Anniversaries (46%), Weddings (52%), etc. There’s no doubt that billions of gift cards go unused because we forget the small details in life. Fortunately, the customers or gift card holders can donate them from home, and at their fingertips without submitting them in a physical capacity. Of course, the donators can hand over the gift cards physically.

How to get started with CardFunder app?

You can create an account from the CardFunder official website. The official team verifies the registration legitimacy and confirms the submission. Let me show you how you can create an account with CardFunder.

1. Go to the CardFunder website.

2. Scroll down until the “Sign up” form appears on the screen.

Create an account with CardFunder (2)

3. Fill up the information and click on the “Submit” button.

4. Give the CF team to get back to you.

5. The team sends an email to the registered address.

The email contains account confirmation and tools for the campaign.

6. Ask the donators to donate the gift cards, and CF will collect them for you.

7. CF tools verify the donated cards.

8. The eligible amount gets transferred to the designated bank account.

Your organization can have the donated gift card money in the bank account. CF follows a procedure complying with the regional laws. Read the terms and conditions for a broader idea.


  • Only one we found is that the app urls are not there on their homepage!

Bottom Line

The CardFunder app gives hope for non-profit organizations to generate revenue. You can collect unused gift cards and convert them into real money. Millions will come forward and donate the card to a good cause without getting out of the house. The CardFunder cards collection and automated conversion make the process easy for non-profit institutions.

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