Coni Free And Pro WordPress Business Theme | Review

Coni theme is a very simplistic WordPress theme which suits for almost every purpose out there. No matter whether it is a corporate or business site. It has some pretty good looking CSS animations which looks pleasing to eyes and is also smooth. It’s a fully responsive theme which means no matter from where you

Headlne iPhone App Brings You Real Time Headlines From Around The World

Headlne app, the name sounds weird but what it does is way more than what you think. This iPhone application is a new way to catch up with the latest happenings round the world. The articles in it are updated live just after the occurrence by providing real time headlines. With a team of professional

Skin The Best Free WordPress Magazine Theme For Bloggers And News Website

There is whole bunch of free WordPress blogging out there and some have basic layout while others have magazine type of layout for showing so much information in a single page. So this time we are going to review a free WordPress theme like no other called Skin created by the developers behind Magazine3 theme

CareMob iPhone App Helps You To Unite Or Support For A Cause | Review

Talking about CareMob, this is definitely one of a kind app that is available in this category. The category cannot be completely explained but with an example of an website, we can say is for the filing of petitions whereas this app is for creating protests or to bring peace in the country. With

Cleopatra Slot Machines Free Android Game | Review

Playing games on an android device! yeah, its an awesome feeling, right? There are a lot of people along with me who have bought android devices only to play the android games. There is nothing wrong in supporting the android games and there are tons of existing games and every one have its same priority.

SugarD Android App For Rich Beautiful And Young | Review

Well, we all needs a bit of enjoyment by the end of the week or may be often right? Internet not only brought us the complete world into our hands and we can just plan the weekends through our android mobile. Moreover, If you are a busy person who are completely aware of girls, this

ColorMag WordPress Magazine Theme Free And Pro Version Review

Are you in search for a free WordPress magazine theme? Then you are at right place, we like to introduce a new free WordPress magazine theme developed by Themegrill called ColorMag which ideal for tech bloggers, news publishers or any other niches where there is abundant of news coming every day. ColorMag WordPress theme review

Bitdefender Free Total Security 2020 Genuine License Key For 6 Months 2020

Heights of using technology increases day by day and a lot of internet applications and software’s are out everyday. More over internet is a big place of spam, where evils wait for your entry. So while browsing through any some “x” site you should need to know whether the browsing on the respective site is

FilmoraGo One Of The Best All In One Free Video Editor Android App

Everyone love videos, but many of them might be dull by considering their video skills! Right? You may be the one who loves videos but worried to take a video for you? Yes! Then this article is for you. Now let me introduce an android app namely “FilmoraGo” which allows you to make your videos

Passwork A Swiss Vault To Store All Passwords With High Degree Of Security

There are many things in today’s world that a person prefers to keep a secret rather than to flaunt in front of the world. Now to keep that information to save from unwanted intruders there is always requirement of an application that itself being secure provides a safer method to keep your password organized and